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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I live in Wisconsin to AVOID heat like this...
Posted July 17, 2006 - 15:44:52

WeatherRight now, it is 93 degrees out (that would be in Fahrenheit - so almost 33.89 degrees Celsius/Centigrade for you Metric weirdos... or 307.04 Kelvins for you Chemistry junkies). Ninety frickin' Three degrees. I don't know if the weather realizes this, but I live in WISCONSIN. I live here because I don't like heat... Today's high is ninety-five as well, so I can only expect it to get warmer.

The scary thing is, today is cooler than the last two days - both which temperatures stayed around 98 degrees (and the heat index was around 110). So, I've been hiding indoors - with no open windows - thanking the heavens for my central air. But honestly, I severely miss fresh air.

We have a thunderstorm coming in tonight, which will be nice, as it will cool things off... into the eighties. What the crap. Eighty degrees should never be considered "cool" to me.

I like my temperatures in the seventies. Nice and warm, and you can run around in a t-shirt... but not so hot that you feel oppressed by mother nature. The seventies also mean that I can open my window, and get fresh air... and not end up with a headache.

Headaches are bad.

So, I've been stuck indoors these last few days, and it's been driving me nuts. At least I'll get time outdoors next week - and have a lake I can jump into...

...that'll be nice.

I've been drawing a few random comics lately, nothing significant, and nothing that I want to turn into an ongoing series - but just something for fun. When I get the time, I'll scan them and add them to the "Humor and Funn" section some time. It's just my "Bob and Giant Robot" stuff... so if you've ever seen those, just imagine it if I half assed some artwork for the strips (instead of the effective stick figures that inhabited the original versions). I'm just waiting to put them online because I have to decide whether or not I want to do more than just the three comics I have already completed.

I should also have a finished version of the short film "Peso Sings" (which has been done for a while) online pretty soon, in honor of Peso's recent move to Japan.

Ah well, back to watching Celebrity Poker...
- Traegorn

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this is a little late comment... i live in a fricken trailer without any air cooling system of any kind. its usualy at least ten degrees cooler outside than it is in our house.  plus try working in a laundry room all day with two industrial driers, hot linen in your hands at all times, no windows or air conditioning or central air.... just a fan. there is no escaping the heat.

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