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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Basketball, Fireworks, and Family
Posted July 6, 2006 - 13:09:49

FireworksSo, my dad and my brother love playing Basketball together. As we live across the street from a Grade School, they have traditionally played on the hoop across the street. There's usually a pick-up game there in the evenings with an interesting racial and age mix, and it's a good thing for most of the community in my opinion.

Except, then they took the hoops down in May.

Apparently, some people complained about the basketball players. We haven't gotten a straight answer though about why it's gone down. Likewise, quite a few other hoops around town have been removed. We asked the principal about it, and has given us nothing but the run-around. At one point, he even said he would put it up (shook hands with my dad on it) - but later went back on his word.

That, in my opinion, is not cool.

So, in reaction, we've sort of taken things into our own hands - and on July 4th, Independence Day I might add, somehow a basketball hoop mysteriously appeared without the aid of the school district.

Now, I wonder how that happened? *grin*

Fireworks this year were disappointing. Because Hart Park is under construction, fireworks for 'Tosa were moved out to the West High School. Or so everyone was told. In fact, everyone was facing the West Football field, ready for the fireworks, when all of a sudden... they set them off at Whitman. On the other side of the Freeway. Everyone had to relocate. And then they only lasted for about 20 minutes. We spent more time than that looking for parking... geh. Worst. Fireworks. Ever.

Ah well. Life goes on. Yesterday my parents, my brother, and I went down to Chicago to spend time with my Uncle, his wife, and their two kids who are in from California. We went to my maternal grandparent's house, and my Aunt and her Husband showed up as well. We had a nice dinner, and had a good time. I rarely see my cousins, the older of the two boys just finished fourth grade, and it was good to see them. They're coming over to my parents' house today, so it's sort of a continued event.

Which I should help get the house ready for...
- Traegorn

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The Big Bang fireworks at Summerfest were friggin' awesome this year, but the local ones here in the city of South Milwaukee were pretty lame.

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