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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I'm running out of things to watch...
Posted June 14, 2006 - 2:58:11

DVDsSo, as I am restricted to Broadcast Television while I use my computer in Milwaukee (my parents don't have any cable on the second floor of their house) I decided to go through my catalog of DVDs and VHS tapes whenever I wanted some background TV.

The problem is, I've started to run out of things to watch. Now keep in mind, that I'm doing other things while these movies and TV shows are on - which makes it all a bit less sad then if all I was doing was watching things. But I've gone through quite a bit none the less - so here I go a cataloging. This is what I've gone through so far:
  • The American President (Movie)
  • Sports Night (Complete Series - Twice)
  • The West Wing (Seasons 1-5)
  • Red Dwarf (Series 5-8)
  • Current Doctor Who Series (Series 1 - Current Eps in Series 2)
  • Firefly (Complete Series)
  • Serenity (Movie)
  • Mystery Men (Movie)
  • Abraxas (Movie - Yes Topher, I finally watched it)
  • Adrenaline Drive (Movie)
There are probably a few things I forgot to mention in there - but that's the gist of it. Needless to say though, that is a lot of stuff. Many, many hours of my life have been wasted in viewing these things. And it's been worse these last few days, as literally no one is around to hang out with. Derek left town with Dani to Eau Claire the same day Chris flew out of town, I'd give Kellin a call - but he's in the Bahamas for the next week or two, and Vanessa is probably one of the busiest people in the galaxy (and she lives halfway across town). This leaves me with very little to do, as I don't have much else of a social circle in Milwaukee (as I live here for only three months a year).

What ends up amounting is my being bored out of my mind. Incredibly, incredibly bored. And I'm running out of movies and Television shows on DVD to fill my time with.


I think I'll go to bed now and call it an early night.
- Traegorn

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Go to your local Library. Might be a decent video/DVD collection there.
If you're THAT desperate for entertainment, just go take a random road trip somewhere.
hrm, i'd send you something to watch, but seeing as i really don't have any tv series...well not yet i'm looking into eventually buying one... ooo, i hsould send you "the boy with green hair"....i've never fully watched fact i've maybe watched the first 10 minutes. it's old and i don't know why i bought it. but i did. maybe i should send you a coloring book too. with crayons. everybody likes crayons.
Trae could visit the Windy City.  But Trae is probably broke.  No munny no funn, right?
Don't you have Red Dwarf seasons 1-4? Those are IMHO the best seasons, along with Season 5.
I'd come down there to hang out if I had the money. hehe
Well, you already knocked out most of what I would have reccomended to you...West Wing (that alone makes me believe you are an awesome person, as NO ONE I know likes that show but me), Firefly, and Dr. Who. And I assume you've seen Battlestar Galactica, since I thought I heard you mention it tonight (though I couldn't hear much over the scary talk about certain 'baby' showers). But if you haven't, then by all means, get thee to Best Buy and watch it.

House M.D. is another one, and if you're into obnoxious, suggestive British comedy, Coupling is another series that's good for a laugh (though it's pretty short--less than 30 episodes total, I think). I hear Deadwood is fantastic as well, though I haven't gotten a chance to watch it.

((And obviously, I have no social life as well, since I went home and signed up on your forums right after dinner. :( Go me.))
I've decided to rewatch West Wing -- I'm mostly through the first season right now.

As for Galactica, I have the miniseries on DVD, but I haven't bought the first or second season DVDs yet - partially because I've seen all of those quite recently.  I loves Galactica. :P
Yeah, I started rewatching season 1 before I moved, and I haven't been able to unpack enough yet to dig out my DVDs again. It will have to be soon, though, as I'm slowly growing tired of watching hours upon hours of Mythbusters off my parents' DVR.

And yes, Galactica is of much awesomeness. I really need to just go buy the seasons and stop renting them repeatedly from Netflix. October can't come soon enough.

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