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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Behind the Scenes: The Great Wall of Geek.
Posted June 6, 2006 - 17:07:01

LabelsSo, lately I've been hanging out with Derek and Chris - and it's been quite a bit of fun. Today though, since everyone else is at Derek's sister's wedding, I am on my own entirely. Which means I am bored.

Very, very bored.

So, because of that, I have decided to open up the door into my world, and give you all a slight behind the scenes look into the world of Trae. As the 10th anniversary of TRHOnline comes up later this month, maybe I'll come up with a few more of these. Yes, this is a section of the room where several months of the year TRHOnline happens. Within this, I will link to several large images - one labelled and one unlabelled. So, if you're on dialup, please be patient.

So here we go - What we're detailing today is the western wall of my room - or more appropriately 2/3 of the western wall of my room. Here is the unlabelled image, and here is the labelled image. What you'll notice first is the decent number of Cathode Ray Tubes. One is a Television (the largest, and most obvious of the bunch) which you will find on the upper left. Beneath it, you see a computer monitor which is displaying an Analog clock. The Analog Clock Display is controlled by the small (sideways) Pentium 1 laptop, which also controls the sound system). Out of the two screens on the right, the bottom, a CGA monitor, is connected to an old 8088 laptop, and is just a clock. The top one (A Commodore 64 monitor) functions as a second TV, and as a screen for video games.

There are six video game consoles in the photo. Some are hooked up, some aren't. The 3DO is on in the photo, and it is surrounded by a CDi, an Atari 2600, an NES, and my JVC X'Eye. Beneath them is the PS2, which is next to the two VCRs.

The stack of computers on the right are, from bottom to top, a 386 (Sam), a 486 (Spaz), a 386 (Gandhi), a Pentium 1 (Dagget), and an 8088 Laptop (Hot Rod - as was previously mentioned).

There are more details, but I'll let the photo speak for itself. The posters and knick-knackery are fairly obvious.
- Traegorn

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Awww.  Well I hope you eventually find something to do that will get rid of your bordem.

Its my birthday today, and its been pretty uneventful and boring.  But i'm dragging my roommates with me later and going bowling.
...why am I not surprised Leah would get married on 06/06/06?  Congrats to her, and him, though.
Yeah - well, she's a Castor.  It's what Castors do. :P
no lunch dishes this time. or pants. hehehe. :D
That comment freaked me out for a minute.
It's in reference to an earlier version of that photo I had originally planned on using, which had some lunch dishes and my sleep pants in it.
Nono, the one about Leah getting married.
Ah, as you didn't know that Derek's sister shared a name with you - got it. :P
I remember you mentioning it, but the fact remains that when I see my name, it generally refers to me. I'm no Sarah or Maggie!

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