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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Halo 2? Halo 2. Lots and lots of Halo 2...
Posted June 2, 2006 - 18:50:57

RoofSo, I've been hanging out with Chris and Derek some more. We've been playing quite a bit of Halo 2 these last couple of days. None of us have played for about a year now, so we're all pretty bad at it. As a rule of thumb, Chris is the best, Derek is in the middle, and I am (of course) a distant last. I am, and I say this without feeling bad about it at all, terrible at the game. I still enjoy playing it quite a bit though, so it really doesn't bother me at all.

It's not that I'm bad at video games, no - quite the contrary is true. There are some games we play (like Worms: Forts) where I am arguably the best out of the three of us. In fact, there are several fighting games people just refuse to play with me now (ironically, this has caused me to lose most of the skill I once had in them).

Halo though, is not one of those games. I happen to love playing multiplayer games in First Person Shooters... I am just terrible at them. We play mostly customized variants, which we have given names to like "War is Hell," "Carnival," "Carnival King," and "Dueces Milde." Yeah, we're a bunch of dorks, we know.

I've also dug up my old Lazer Tag equipment, as has Derek. Derek has gone about to heavily modifying one of his guns. The boy has added a laser sight, and I think a telescopic eyepiece. Considering the short range of the guns, I think that's a little funny. He's put quite a bit of thought and work into it though, which I find a little silly.

I can't make fun of Derek for this too much though. I do have to admit that I too have stumbled mildly into the customization bandwagon - but my gun is still stock. I have a broken gun, where the circuit board is broken in half, but the part that makes noises is still intact. With a little bit of work, I've turned it into a "decoy," where it can make noise and throw off another player who may be relying on the locator pings the guns make.

On Sunday afternoon Derek, Chris, Derek's girlfriend Dani, and myself are going to all go out and play for a few hours. If anyone wants to join us, they are more than welcome to come along (we have a total of seven guns, so make sure you ask and confirm with me so we can make sure that we have the equipment), It will probably be a whole lot of fun.
- Traegorn

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Sounds like fun.  Enjoy!
I hope you guys have fun.  I kind of envy Dani for having a bunch of days off of work at the moment.  She's not coming back to work til like next Saturday. o.o
Well, she's coming in for Derek's sister's wedding, which is Tuesday.

I'm not invited to the wedding, since Derek's sister doesn't like me. :P
Yea.  She told me she was going down there for the wedding like a week or two ago.

Awww..  No wedding fun for Trae. o.o
Everyone knows that Trae cries at weddings. ;-)
trae... cry?? i cant even imagine it.
If you're shocked by the thought of me crying, then clearly you've never watched a sad movie with me.

But no, I do not cry at weddings.
i've never played lazer tag, and i think i'm going to riversplash with a friend tomorrow if he ever calls me and tells me what time we're meeting, so boo no sunday fun for me.

next time, perhaps, i can do the hanging out thing.
I've never even seen a movie with you, Trae. Anyway, I know what it's like with having someone's sister not like you. Reanna's sister used to hate me... I'm not even sure of our position even now, I'm not sure if she hates me, but I don't think she'll ever be my biggest fan.
Considering that you left your cell phone on at the last wedding......
I went to a wedding on Saturday but except for that I spent  my ENTIRE weekend at training seminars or work.  Yeah...
Do you only go to training sessions that take place when someone is getting married? ;)
You see....I pretty much work 7 days a week and so it jus so happens that there are wedding that I need to go to because I HAVE NO LIFE!

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