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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I accidentally stayed up until 5:00am last night
Posted May 24, 2006 - 14:40:23

TreesSo, last night I accidentally stayed up until 5:00am. I wasn't trying to mind you, and there is sadly no entertaining story to go with it. Sorry, there was no grand adventure, or fascinating tale - I was just sitting here, reading things online, and watching tapes of Red Dwarf. I literally had no idea how late it had gotten, until I started to hear the early morning birds chirping outside my window.

Yeah, I know, that's kind of sad.

Anyway, I spent most of yesterday hanging out with Derek. We watched the six episodes of Doctor Who from the current series, as Derek hadn't seen it yet. I swear, I'm going to end up rewatching this show a bazillion times before the summer is out. I've become the default way for many of my friends to watch the show, due to the fact that I keep making DVDs (as I don't have space to keep things on my computer). Which reminds me, I'm out of blank DVDs...

...anyways, I spent the day with Derek, and it was pretty fun. We hung out, talked about life in general, and had a very good time. Chris comes back for a while starting this weekend, which is cool, so the three of us will be able to hang out again.

I got my grades back, which all turned out about as well as could be expected. Two A-'s and two B's. Nothing exciting to write home about, but nothing to sneeze at either. I think I've finally snapped out of my "B Semesters" which occured several times. And I feel pretty good since one of those A-'s was in Peterson's class, and that hasn't happened in a Peterson class for me in... two and a half years? Yeah.

Right now I'm rewatching The American President, which is one of my favorite movies. Oh sure, most of the politics are just blatantly wrong, and in a paper I wrote on fictional Presidents I called it's primary character "The Romantic President" and talked about how unrealistic it was... but I still love this movie.

I'm going to go back to watching it now...

- Traegorn

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i love the american president. i have to buy that at some point and time. :)
after this weekend (i.e. after erik leaves town), feel free to include me in the hanging out mix.  if not, well, i have enough video games that i can totally become a hermit.  :P
Will do Vanessa.  By the way, you'll notice I added LIMITED emoticon support to blog comments. Right now it's just: :) :D :P ;) :(
actually, i hadn't noticed at all.  :P

thank you trae, you're cool.  now about that pony...

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