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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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As I've replied to this in several other's blogs...
Posted May 21, 2006 - 4:14:45

DreamTreeI felt it was only appropriate that I participate in this little game that's going around. So - just do as the meme commands...

Comment and I'll...
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll challenge you to try something.
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I'll tell you something I like about you.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

Anyway, right now I'm sitting in Milwaukee - thus indicating that I survived the cross state journey in mostly one piece. We crammed the contents of my dorm room into the back of a Saturn... which means that we pretty much had that thing bursting at the seams. It's a pretty good thing that I left my TV and a few other larger belongings (including giving away one of my smaller TVs in a moment of "TV Karma") or else there would have been no room for me.

I spent that entire drive with my legs bent and my back hunched over. Needless to say, I was very uncomfortable during the entire ride.

I was fortunate enough to download the latest episode of Doctor Who before I left my blessed high speed connection. Let me tell you, I have only spent a few hours here on dialup... and I miss my high speed connection already. I have to spend the next few months with this... and boy does that make me unhappy.

Ah well, I should go to bed. Please refer to the great and terrible meme.

- Traegorn

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Dial-up, you're lucky Trae, some of us have to make an effort to reach over to grab the remote control and turn on the TV.
Trae, if you like gory flicks, I seriously reccomend going to see the movie See No Evil.  Well, that is, when you're not busy indulging yourself in Doctor Who(which I am NOT trying to dis).
yeah, cos it was in mine and i did it for you. so wooo!
And now I get to do this for the three of you:


1. You're British. Unoriginal response? Yes.  However it was the first thing in my head.
2. Try not watching the next episode of Doctor Who for a full five days after it's aired... I bet you can't.
3. Blue.
4. You don't look at me funny when I talk about Doctor Who.
5. Asking me online as to what I thought about Reanna when you were nervous about first meeting her.
6. Sloth.   I don't know why, but you're apparently a sloth.
7. So, does it hurt to be British?

1. You remind me of a moose tied to a trainwreck.  I don't know what that means, but somehow it's important.
2. Try relaxing, and not angsting out so much.
3. Brownish.
4. You are very persistant.
5. Yelling at you to stop reviving old threads.
6. I guess that moose-thing from point #1.
7. What's the capital of Luxembourg?

1. Blue tie!
2. Make me brownies.
3. Stripes.
4. You're always entertaining to talk to, and you do neat graphic designy things.
5. Talking with you during NoBrandCon years back.
6. A merecat.  I have no idea why either.
7. If you could be a speedboat, would you have an internal or external motor?


4- If I was to look funny at you for talking about Doctor Who, I'd be a hypocrite of the first degree.

7- No, it hurts when you're in England and your fiancee is in America. Anyway, at least I'm not Welsh... or American. I think they could hurt more.

Now, your turn.

Comment and I'll...
1. You dress as a Ninja
2. Shave your beard/goatee thing. Maybe you lost the election because of Pogonophobes, people with a fear of beards. Maggie Thatcher had it.
3. Blue.
4. You speak your mind. 
5. Arguing with you on the quality of Yoda's lightsaber fight in Episode 2. 
6. Dunno.
7. You ever thought of shaving your goatee to look like the Mirror Universe Spock?

Well thats good you made it down there in one piece.  And dial-up for a couple months isn't so bad.  I've gone without internet for over a year when I first moved out of my parents house.
Dialup is teh suck - but it is better than no internets.


1. You are, in fact, not a robot - contrary to popular belief.
2. Start High Speed Llama Racing.  Really.
3. Purplish.
4. Your enthusiasm.
5. Meeting you at NoBrandCon.
6. A mother bear.
7. If a train leaves Portland, going East at 90 miles an hour, and a Train leaves Boston going South at 43 miles an our, how long until they stop producing seasons of American Idol?
oh yay fun! heheheh, glad you made the journey. i saw a couple of friends (3) at wal mart with car loads of their college stuff on friday.
In regards to question number 7.  I think never. lol  because America Idol is there to brainwash Americans. o.o
that last comment was me. my appologies for not being logged in!
And here we go again

1. You attend Hanzo too much.
2. Attempt to cicumnavigate the word!
3. Black.
4. See point #1.
5. Meeting you at No Brand Con.
6. A ferret.  And I have no idea why - if you guys haven't noticed, I'm just doing word association with the animals.
7. Why.  Just why.
why what?
2. you have to be close/or i do in order for that to happen. 3. any certain color stripes? 6. just because you wanted to say it. 7. internal....they tend to look cooler.
Interestign meme. Is ti okay for me to comment even though my blog is outside of the TRHnetwork?
Of course you can Mr. Recine, I got this off a LiveJournal.

Jason Webb
1. The Sentinel Hat is missed.
2. Get back up..
3. Orange.
4. You're reliably Recine..
5. Not really sure about most early ones, as they've all blurred together... but I clearly remember the Sentinel Hat and the Charlie Brown shirt.  Everyday.
6. A newt.
7. What color is the sky in your world?
1. You remind me of a moose tied to a trainwreck.  I don't know what that means, but somehow it's important.
2. Try relaxing, and not angsting out so much.
3. Brownish.
4. You are very persistant.
5. Yelling at you to stop reviving old threads.
6. I guess that moose-thing from point #1.
7. What's the capital of Luxembourg?


1.) I don't know why either.

2.) I've been a hell of a lot more relaxed since Finals ended.

5.) I thought your first memory would've been pitying me at Hanzo 3 for being from Green Bay.  That and if you haven't noticed, I have long since abandoned the art of necroposting.

7.) Don't know and quite frankly don't give a damn!


Now it's my turn:

1.) You don't have what it takes to handle drinking a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

2.) Try watching ALL 6 Star Wars movies in one single sitting.

3.) Black, cause you are the leader of the Gardening Ninjas after all.

4.) You have a high pain threshold.  Being the host of Hanzo, I guess this is to be expected.

5.) You commenting to me "Thank you Xena!" after one of my infamous "Banshee Yells" during the Man Auction(or was it the Opening Ceremonies?).

6.) Grizzly Bear.  That's because your goatee loks very lumberjack-esque.

7.) How many pucks could Anderchuk chuck if Anderchuk could chuck pucks?
That big "ME" was from me. I swear I had logged in before typing that! *grumble*
At least you have internet. I'm stuck using campus computers until the Zombie House figures out some sort of wireless situation. Which won't happen until most of the members of Zombie House actually get their butts out of the old house.
Okays, another round!

1. Sometimes you hide underneath the tables!
2. I challenge you to not chase string.
3. Red.
4. Your unique Leah-ness.
5. The hip wiggling at Juggling.
6. A Kitty!
7. How on earth did you survive PChem?

1. Worst. Haxor. Evar. :-p
2. I challenge you to wear a dress.
3. Blue...
4. You are fairly entertaining on a regular basis.
5. When you first showed up to OA.
6. A Wombat!
7. Have you ever considered lighting VHSteve on fire?
This could be wonderfully insightful, or just "very noooooo!!!!111onehundredeleven"

1. Scorponok: *HUG*
2. Build a website that's more than a photo gallery.
3. Orange.
4. You can be fairly entertaining at parties.
5. Sitting down next to you in CS185 back in 1999.
6. Marmot.
7. How much, over the years, have you actually spent on Fandom (Videos/Toys/Posters/Cons/Etc.)?
For Transformers: between the conventions and Japanese imports, I'm sure it's at least in the low thousands.  I'm (lazily) trying to sell off a lot of that crap, but mostly those things just sit in boxes or bins, awaiting the time when I'd rather catalog, repackage, and re-sell them than go out and spend time with people.

Everything else?  Ugh -- rather not think about it...

So what parties are these, then?  The only thing that comes to mind in the immediate past is No Brand and OAAH! @ MarsCon.  But then... perhaps that's enough?

This is, of course, why all the chicks dig me.

</faux-chauvanistic remark>


(uh oh, now I have to fill out yours!)
Well, my memory goes back farther than the immediate past.
Let me tell you about Sammy Jankis...


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