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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Moving forward is what happens when you put the car in drive.
Posted May 5, 2006 - 2:04:14

And this bird you cannot changeOkay, as that last post was fairly depressing, I feel the need to put something else up here. Really guys, I'm fine. Or at least I'll be fine, which is close enough for government work at the moment. Trae is a big boy, and can handle most things.

I want to say that I'm happy to see people using the TRHBlogs service, really. I've spent quite a bit of time programming the system, and I'm very glad it's getting used. Just a reminder though, it's still in beta form. There are still some issues (like the WYSIWYG editor not working in Safari), but pretty much if there is any feature you want that isn't there yet - go ahead and ask. I might not get to it for a while (as I haven't added everything that I want to be in there yet) but if it's something that I'm working on already I'll probably start on that, and if it isn't - well, then I might just add it. Heck, suggestions from users are the entire reason that you can do a private entry here. Oddly enough I would have never thought to add it as a feature to the site.

Well, tonight was the elections for No Brand Con staff for next year's convention. Neil is the new con director (as Peso is stepping down due to the fact that he's, y'know, leaving Eau Claire) which is no surprise. Mike (RPN) remains Treasurer, I remain Events Manager... it's fairly status quo overall.

Both Terence and Vinnk were in town tonight, and I had to make a choice between seeing them... which sucked. But as Vinnk was in from Japan, and Terence was in from California... well, Vinnk won as he crossed an Ocean. Sorry Terence.

Tomorrow is the annual OA Scavenger Hunt, which should be a boatload of funn as it is every year. For those of you who don't know, what we do is break up into teams, grab a ridiculous list, and drive around town with digital cameras and have a relatively strange time. Last year I made my infamous "Bad Monkey" video from footage shot during the Scavenger Hunt. This year? Who knows. I haven't even released any videos made from NoBrandCon footage either yet... and I sure do have some brewing.

Creative projects save my sanity. This is true. *nods*

Wow, this entry has been a totally strange list of disconnected thoughts...
- Traegorn

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Terence came back to Eau Claire? WIll he still be around over the weekend? (And the title of this post sounds like a line from a country song; I'm sorry.)
Disconnected thoughts?  I have those all the time.  I gotta agree with Jason Webb there.  That line sounds like something out of a Alan Jackson or Garth Brooks song.
Recine - Terence and Jess were passing through town on their way to Jess's sister's wedding.  They ain't here no more.
Topher - I didn't delete your comment, I hid it.  That is something that would be better for us to discuss in private and not here - okay?
I honestly don't care, I think its better that people see this than it be hid.  But that's me.
Well, I think that tempers are hot right now, so I don't think that it's in anyone's best interest.

Check you PM inbox.
I work the 20th but  would love to hang that weekend when you back milwaukeeside.  Yes the 20th I will be a 7 foot tall's work.
I was excited I got to see Vinnk tonight.  I saw him and Peso at Wal-mart just as I was finishing work and actually talked to him for a moment.  Twas nice, knowing I probably won't get to see him again til next year.  Then I saw a couple more OA members as I was checking out at the registers.  I hope the hunt went well.  lol
I really love Putnam Park.

But in related commenting:

It's nice that everyone gets together again before hardcore NBC planning begins again, 'specially Vinnk and junk.   But I'm kind of jealous that I wasn't able to say g'bye to anyone else. *sob*
^From Yushi

(I'm not on the right computer, and I have a horrible time remembering passwords)
We were disgustingly busy anyhow, so don't worry about it.  We didn't get to hang with nearly as many people as we had wanted.  But then, that wasn't why we were there so I guess it's okay.  Sorry I missed ya Trae.  And I apologize for missing out on hanging with other folks who know me here.

Well mostly Vinnk was sad that he missed you, since he was going back to Japan

Trae Dorn
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