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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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So, I lost the election.
Posted Apr 5, 2006 - 11:34:28

ResultsSo, the numbers are in, and I lost - by almost 300 votes. In the end the numbes were 383 votes for Sue Miller and 101 votes for me. But for a student running in the third ward, against an incumbent of fifteen plus years... that's a pretty impressive showing. Especially once you consider only about 17 of those votes came from campus, it means I had more town support than most people thought I would get.

Oh yeah, and lets not forget that I ran the entire campaign on a budget of 42 dollars. Needless to say, my opponent spent more money than that - significantly more.

I'm disappointed that I lost, but I'm happy that I did so well. Eh.

In many ways I'm just glad it's over - the process of campaigning on a budget was, if anything, physically exhaustive. My feet are still slowly recovering, and I'm only hobbling when I'm not wearing shoes with arch support.


To make matters worse, the stress isn't over for the month of April - oh no, it's only beginning. See, my job (Judicial Board Chair for UWEC Housing and Residence Life) requires me to go through the application process again to get rehired (as it is technically an elected position). It's stressful, because even though there is a high chance of my getting rehired, there is always the possibility that I won't.

On the upside, NoBrandCon is coming up at the end of the month. You have no idea how much I need that by the way - just a nice weekend to blow off steam, completely geek out, and just have a nice time. Yes, NoBrandCon, you will be nice... Oh, and I met Yushi/Sam last night - that was pretty odd. You know, to meet a NoBrandCon attendee at the Democratic Party office.

That just keeps happening...
- Traegorn

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Sorry to hear about the election, dude. Congrats on the strong showing, though!

Meep (my account on trh is pending btw, so this will be the last anon. reply)
Hi Meep! (David heah.)

Trae--- as an Eau Claire expatriot, I'm not 100% in-the-know. How did Benny Haas do in HIS race? And don't feel bad. Students never win. It's a combination of their percieved inexperience and their unwillingness to fight dirty, since small local races tend to be crooked. The amount of votes you got is indeed impressive.
Haas lost - and oddly enough, Brandon Buchanan is now on City Council *rolls eyes*
101 votes for 42 bucks. not bad when you consider that you spent less than fifty cents on each vote.
Buchanan on city council, Trae and Haas lose... This confirms my darkest suspicions about how the system works.

Seriously, how did Buchanan win? He's the opposite of charismatic, and is in fact a creepy mindless chode who easily becomes the puppet of any fast talker he encouters. How did he.... oh right. I cna only hope Werthman still has his hand up Buchanan's ass, cuz anyone else who would control that high functioning idiot would probably be worse.

We've gotta get Erika some kind of real (non student) office. I mean, she's got a touch of avarice and a touch of megaolomania, but at least she's got good politics and a mind of her own.
Erika is campaign managing the Jeff Smith Campaign, so she's actually doing quite a bit right now -- And Werthmann has moved on to better things than Brandon...

...and Brandon won because he worked his ass off in this case.
I'm sorry it was awkward or something... I had an invitation, and I went. I didn't know you were even going to be there.

I kind of don't know what to say.
Dude - it wasn't awkward. I thought it was just out of the ordinary.
Okay, it was kind of odd, I'll admit, haha, I was just worried that you made up your mind that I'm a weirdo, haha

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