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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Magic of Local Politics
Posted Mar 30, 2006 - 9:01:00

District 22I have to start this with something that has to do with OTHER people's local politics because it's friggin' hilarious. An Oklahoma mayor threatened to call the FBI on his own Operating System providers when his own Webserver broke - thinking the default "This isn't configured correctly" page was a Hacking attempt. After The Register reported on it (see previous link), and a whole bunch of people laughed at him, the Mayor demanded The Register stop talking about it because he was tired of being the butt of people's jokes. Sorry sir, but you can't turn off the internet. You can never close the lid on something like this.

Now on to my life: My Feet... are killing me.

Okay, so right now, they just hurt a little, and are pretty much okay... well, by okay I mean "I can walk on them... slowly." This wasn't so much the case last night. See, as some may recall, I'm currently running for County Board. The election is less than a week away, so I'm blitzing at the moment. I've been dropping off literature at every single door in the district 22 area - and normally that's wouldn't be such a hard thing, if not for the threat of rain meaning I need to get as much done as quickly as I can. So, yesterday, I first went out at 8:30am and stopped at 10:30am (so I could go to class). After class then I went back out at 3:00pm... and kept going until 6:45pm. Thankfully at 5pm Jon Radcliffe joined me, and we finished covering the area I wanted to get done that day (plus a little more).

But needless to say, that's a lot of walking. Did I mention I had been doing the same thing the night before as well, and my feet already hurt when I woke up too? Yeah.

Now take this into account - think about what happened the instant I sat down at the end of the day... yep, you guessed it, my feet swelled up. Bad. So badly in fact that I couldn't walk. Making it down the hall to the bathroom was... difficult. Yeah, so that sucked.

I've been getting a little more press - the Spectator is running another piece on the election, which makes me happy. The Flip Side ignored my race when they ran their last issue. I went in and spoke with the Leader-Telegram on Monday as well, but I don't expect to see anything in there for a few days.

...and now for that class thing again... geh
- Traegorn

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Good luck with the elections, Trae.

Thanks Meep!
There is no link to NoBrandCon in this entry.
I know... but the next entry will be 100% No Brand
Sorry Trae, Ya lost by about 200 votes. Still, I was kinda surprised to see your name on the news. Didn't even know you were running till now.

Trae Dorn
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