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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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In Milwaukee, yet again.
Posted Mar 20, 2006 - 15:19:27

WauwatosaSo I've been in Milwaukee since Saturday, and will remain so until Sunday (making me here for a week). Things have been interesting lately - my Grandfather had brain surgery a little while ago, and he's still in the hospital. He had a mass on his brain, but it fortunately turns out that it wasn't cancer. He's still... confused though. It's really not a good situation. I'm going down on either Wednesday or Thursday (he's in Chicago) to see him, and to visit my Grandmother... yeah.

The news doesn't get any better though. Some of you may remember that I mentioned that my brother's best friend Matt disappeared this Christmas in Iowa. Well, on Saturday, David got the call no one has wanted to get: They found his body. I only met Matt once, but he and my brother were really close... and this just really sucks.

Anyway, things aren't as depressing as this post has started to sound. I spent yesterday hanging out with Derek, and we went and saw "V for Vendetta" at Mayfair. I ran into one of the No Brand Con Attendees there (I know his username, but not his real name, so I shan't post it), which was unexpected. But it just proves one thing, I am the center of the universe. Or at least the center of the geek/nerd universe. Well, maybe just the Wisconsin geek/nerd universe.

Yeah, we'll go with that.

"V for Vendetta" was pretty damned cool though, and I highly reccomend it for people who enjoy thinking during their action films... I know I do.

I'm about halfway through "Knife of Dreams," the current Robert Jordan book. I think that I must be a masochist on some level, because I really enjoy plowing through his seemingly unending Wheel of Time series. It's immense, detailed, and finally moving somewhere with the plot. But I think that's one of the reasons I like it - the story is complex and moves at a realistic pace for the scale of events that are occuring.

...Something lacking from most fantasy books I might add.
- Traegorn

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You're back in MKE? Rock the house!

I know that Derek has been trying to get a sparring match going on...I'll have to keep that in mind and contact you folks.
Yep. And I'm a bit bored.
What is up for thursday Kellin? Trae just call...I'm not overly planned out right now.
oh sweety...that's NO suprise you're a little masocistic....tee hee hee...*wink wink*
Thursday? Well, Sammy and I are going out for a nice dinner, but maybe beforehand.

I'll have to get back to gents about that..
Well, I'm busy Thursday. I'm around tonight though - I have plans for Friday, and I should probably spend Saturday with my family since I leave Sunday morning.

Trae Dorn
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