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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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There once was a time...
Posted Feb 21, 2006 - 14:04:33

ClockThere once was a time when I actually had moments where there was nothing to do. Let me explain, it's not that I don't have free time, no. It's more of a case where there is always something I could be doing. Frankly, it's slightly stressful in some ways, but also comforting in others.

It's been dreadfully cold these last few days, dropping to a negative 20 before windchill on Saturday... Negative forty with the windchill factored in. Yeah. That's... f'ing cold. Of course, me, in all of my wisdom, left both my scarf and my long underwear in Milwaukee (at my parents' house). Fortunately, Erika has lent me one of her scarfs, but that doesn't stop me from freezing my knees off.

For those of you who read my site via a Macintosh (*cough* Befu *cough* Kaje *cough*) you should probably know about a massive security hole in OSX. Secunia has a temporary fix until Apple does something about it. The hole is in the Safari engine, so using Mozilla Camino (or even Mozilla Firefox for Mac) may be something to consider for the short run until this mess is cleaned up.

But that's just me plugging Open Source.

In the realm of media idiocy regarding technology, the website GamerDad has a piece about how a local news team contacted him about a story, and ignored everything he said. In a moment of sensationalistic garbage, this local news team has yet again found more reasons that we should "Be AFRAID of the Interweb..." by picking on a service that isn't even internet enabled...


Of course, the media isn't always evil. Sometimes it attempts to buck government control and censorship, like the Chinese Journalist who took a big risk by posting controversial, anti-communist party comments online.

- Traegorn

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