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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Of Exhaustion, Video Games, And Other Things Trivial
Posted Dec 15, 2005 - 0:03:39

ClockSo, in the last two or three days, I produced over thirty pages of text. Two good sized research papers were both due today, and yes they both got done on time. But, through this, let me tell you what I've learned: Even people with political science degrees don't understand the changes made to the filibuster over the last fifty years, and Iran's ruling clergy is setting themselves up for a revolution in thirty years if they keep supressing the reformists.

There, I summarized two papers in one sentence. Now you can skip reading the thirty pages I churned out.

To slip over to the nerd spectrum for a little bit, as I know the local tone has been bleeding towards the political lately, the Escapist has a fairly interesting piece up about rare video game collecting. It's fairly interesting exactly how far people will go for rare developers copies of games and systems, and how complicated the quest for prototypes can be. It's an enjoyable read.

Happy Holidays?So, to dare and dance back to a topic slightly more cantankerous, the Concord Monitor has a decent article up about this ludicrous "War on Christmas" distraction of the moment. You know, I don't understand this really. It literally makes no sense as anything other than a diversionary tactic. I mean, the whole damned thing is silly: No is actually saying don't say Merry Christmas, some people are just making a personal choice. I'm in a bad mood. Grrr. Anyways, for another take on Christmas, apparently a Kentucky minister is closing his church on Christmas, and not offering services. Wee bit of a contrast for you.

But there are bigger issues here in Wisconsin than whose saying Merry what to who. The Republicans are yet again trying to pass ridiculous Conceal and Carry legislation. Doyle has promised to Veto this, just like he did in 2003, but it will be a little more difficult to protect the Veto this time as a few Dems crossed the aisle. The end of the day, the idea of putting more guns on the street seems counterintuitive to stopping crime to me.

- Traegorn

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