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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A long, yet decent, weekend
Posted Nov 21, 2005 - 10:33:37

WLC LogoSo, this weekend was spent at the Women's Leadership Conference. Held here at UW Eau Claire, it was actually a very interesting event. From at least what I attended, calling it a "Women's Leadership Conference" is a bit of a misnomer, as it was more of a Gender Issues conference. It's one of those funny things, if you want to talk about Gender, and want people to show up, you better put "Women" in the title or else no one will have any clue as to what you're talking about. But heck, that's just me nitpicking - the entire subject is full of poorly chosen names (like the word Feminism itself, which is a name that implies female superiority, but the actual movement is about gender equality).

Anyways, I went to several workshops that I really enjoyed, and while one of the keynote speakers wasn't all that great, the other two were both good. Heck, State Senator Lena Taylor's keynote was my favorite part of the event. It's rare that I've seen a State politician with that level of natural presence, and it made me glad I hauled myself out of bed Sunday morning. I got to talk to Senator Taylor afterwards, and again was really impressed. I think the event was a success as a whole, even if there were some hiccups. But, really, what conference of this size exists where absolutely nothing goes wrong? If you find one, show me who is in charge of it, so I can kick them in the shins a lot until they stop being perfect.

After the conference, Jess Januik, Erika (both of whom had been helping organize the event), and I went out for an early dinner. I spent money I shouldn't have, and probably ate things I shouldn't have - but I'll survive. It's nice to be able to eat real people food some days... yeah. I love a good Bacon Cheeseburger, yes yes. Not to mention an absolutely sinful dessert... can you tell I haven't had breakfast yet?

Anyways, I slept through my earlier alarm this morning, and while I made it to class with plenty of time, it means I slept through my planned appearance on Werthmann's radio program, where I was supposed to participate in a debate on the RA Bible Study issue. I honestly feel horrible about it (and have no want to hear what ever delusional reason Brandon comes up with for why I wasn't there). I don't like skipping out on things one damn bit.

- Traegorn

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