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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Ascender Beta 2 Released.
Posted Oct 23, 2005 - 15:53:52

 Today I release to you Ascender Beta 2. Many bugs have been fixed (I figured out the looping boss problem... it was staring in my face, and I can't believe I missed it), and the Timer value is now saved in the generated settings file. Just a note, this version of Ascender will DELETE your old High Score, so if you have one you're proud of, you should download LeaderBoard for Ascender and ping the server with your score before upgrading. Just a note, you don't need to reinstall LeaderBoard - it's compatable with both versions.

In other news, I've been enjoying the fact that the White Sox are in the World Series. I was born in Chicago, and my family has always been a White Sox family. You couldn't grow up in my house and not be one. I'm generally considered to be the least of a sports fan in my family, but I still remember going to my first Baseball game (a White Sox game at old Comiskey Park) with my Grandfather with fond memories. I also hadn't realized how much baseball I'd absorbed through osmosis. I mean, I watched Game 1 on Saturday at Erika's parents' house, and they kept asking me questions about the game. What surprised me was that I actually knew the answers.

Of course, maybe I just take knowing the Designated Hitter Rule for granted...
- Traegorn

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