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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Ascender (My ASCII game) first Alpha release!
Posted Oct 13, 2005 - 12:51:57

Ascender ScreenshotSo, after some long, hard work in my spare time, what I have for you is a playable version of Ascender. You can download the program, and try it our for yourself. Mind you, this is an Alpha release, so there are going to be bugs, along with features that aren't done yet. You'll want to hit ALT-ENTER when playing this, so it can appear in Full Screen mode... it just runs weird when windowed.

The first thing you'll notice is the lack of a High Scores list - I frankly just haven't gotten around to it. Sometimes collision detection is flaky as well, and you'll see some graphical bugs. Also, you will DEFINITELY want to reset the "Timer" function. The default is set at WAY too low a number. The "Timer" feature is effectively a way for the computer to burn spare CPU cycles to slow the game to a playable speed. I set it for "80000" on my 366mhz laptop.

Also, make sure you read the help page first - because the controls probably won't be obvious unless you do. All that said, I hope you guys enjoy it. Once I get a more solid version done, I'll create an actual webpage for this. I'll also dig up whatever other random DOS games and utilities I have lying around and toss those up too. If Jesse wants me to, I'll throw up "Antarctic Blaze" as well, seeing as I found the full source code to the program today.

In other news, Disgaea totally owns my soul... I've been playing it rather nonstop these last few days. Add in the dust being kicked up by my heating system, and my not blinking enough, and you get the red eyed version of me walking around half the time. I'm making sure I blink more often now though, so my eyes have returned to their normal color. It was the weirdest experience though, I'll tell you...
- Traegorn

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You should definetly put Antarctic Blaze up for download. Heck I don't even remember it! Probally a pretty crappy game but for me would be worth the nostalga to see it again. Lately I've been playing Delta Force Extreme, anyone else?
I'll put it online sometime monday, when I post the next Ascender Alpha (which fixes several bugs, and adds at least one new enemy type)
On my computer Ascender runs as though it has just taken a severe hit of speed. I have tried running in Win 95 compatibility mode but it doesn't work. Now what?
Never mind, the answer is clearly in your post. Sod me.

Trae Dorn
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