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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Calm Before the Storm
Posted Sep 5, 2005 - 12:09:23

CalmSo today is the last day before classes start. It's been a quiet morning - no hustle or bustle around the dorm, no crowds going by my window, and lower campus remains the ghost town that it usually remains in the summer months.

But all of that will change soon.

Come tomorrow morning, the walkways will be filled to the brim with students, quickly bustling their way through class filled days. I will be among them, trying to fight my way through crampt stairwells, and slow moving Freshmen. Ah yes, Freshmen... the slowest of the students. Just some advice, never try the far left stairwell in Hibbard during the first few months of the school year - it's a freshmen bottleneck, as many don't realize there are other stairwells in the building for some reason.

Erika is currently airborne, on her way back to Eau Claire. I'm mildly excited... okay, so I'm incredibly excited - but I digress. We've been apart for two months, and while some people may say "Two months? That's nothing!" I say shut the heck up, it was a long while for me. *grin* But hey, she's coming back, so what do I have to complain about? I'm considering buying a bottle of wine for the occasion.

Been working on slight backend changes to Moved any non-message board content out of the PHPBB (Craptacular Web, my Flip Side Articles) and put them into a modified backend based off of the Flip Side website. Seems to work well, and if I add another section for articles it will take half the time.

*shrug* It works.
- Traegorn

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i've already had classes for a week! and mocked freshmen. tee hee.
I still say they all use it because it's the closest one. I don't have any classes there this year though, so I'm ok.
Yeah, but closest doesn't always mean fastest - as going to the other side of the building and taking a practically empty stairwell tends to be actually faster, and frankly less annoyingly crowded.

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