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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Beautiful Day, and Possible Brainspikes
Posted Aug 31, 2005 - 12:25:26

ClockSo, I started today out by running three miles. I am still fairly worn out from that, but I feel pretty good. I'm glad I'm getting back into the groove of running daily again - it makes me feel a lot better.

Anyways, I'm thinking about doing a Ninth Doctor Brainspike of Doctor Who this weekend if anyone is up for it. I figure we can take over the KT TV lounge and camp out for hours on end with the Ninth Doctor. I know Kaje probably hasn't seen most of it, and I think various other peoples might be interested... so people let me know.

Also, I think I'm going to do a Firefly Brainspike on September 24th or 25th, in preperation for the September 30th release of Serenity. That is a definite MUST do. And we all have to sing along with the song - because there's something just funny about watching regular people's expressions as a TV lounge full of people start belting out, "Burn the Land and Boil the Sea, you can't take the sky from me!" It's awesome.

I think we also need to put together a massive outing for Serenity also. We shall descend on either Oakwood or London Square (wherever it's showing), and scare the crap out of people who have no idea what the hell we're obsessing over.

Yes... it shall be done... now to find lunch...
- Traegorn

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I am very definately in for both of those brainspikes. Not just because I'll be bored and lonely if I don't, either.
Man, wish I was around for the Ninth Doctor brainspike...Any excuse to watch Doctor Who me.
I'll be wanting to get out of the house, especially before school starts, so I'd be up for the first brainspike, at least. I like Firefly too, so I'll probably be up for that as well.

I'd be good to see some school friends instead of the friends I've been seeing all summer.
Good! I'll probably take over the KT TV lounge then - we have a new TV there too!
you know...we could take over the Chancellor's tv lounge...BECAUSE I LIVE THERE NOW!
....sorry...just excited
Uh, hon, I'm doing this THIS weekend, before you get here.

Pretty much so I have something to do while I'm waiting for you to get back. But we can do the Firefly one up there if you want. :)
WHAT WHILE I'M NO THERE!! BAH!!! grrr.......

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