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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Rest in Peace, Lazer 103.
Posted Aug 18, 2005 - 8:27:15

So, the other day I went to turn on Lazer 103, Milwaukee's pure rock station, and was confronted by the sounds of bad music. I mean, Vanilla Ice. Fearing a 93 QFM/Smooth Jazz 93 moment, I was happy to hear the Lazer morning show guys saying "Tomorrow Milwaukee's Rock Radio will never be the same."

So, I decided patience was a virtue. The next day, I turn it on, and it sounds exactly like Lazer 103 normally does. Same music selection, same genre.. but with the addition of a squealing pig.

I was confused.

I was informed that I was, in fact, not listening to Lazer 103, but 102.9 The Hog. Apparently titled "Radio for Men." Not only was the pig squealing obnoxious, but they effectively killed off the nostalgia that had been keeping me tuned into their station. See, back in High School, I listened to Lazer all the friggin' time. I mean, I wrote a first person shooter based off one of the old DJ's in five minutes once (okay, so I had made the crappy first person shooter, and then put the guys name on it so he would give me free advertising on the Radio - but hey, it got people to download the game). Marilyn Mee was the only reason I was still tuning in, and she's apparently gone with this Hog change over. Now, I just hear that damned pig, and I say "I wonder what's on New Rock 102.1 or The Brew?"

So, goodbye Lazer 103 - you were a part of my youth - but you are gone now. Life goes on without you. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a piece on this as well.
- Traegorn

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