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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Watching some propaganda at the moment.
Posted July 12, 2005 - 13:32:47

So, every once and a while I turn on Milwaukee's channel 30 - a god channel - and watch a painfully made propaganda show. By propaganda show I mean something along the lines of "The Evils of Rock Music" or "The Evils of Ninja Turtles." Y'know, the sort of thing that any reasonable adult with an ounce of rational thought would just sort of scratch their head at.

What I'm watching is something on the former. The Rock music ones are the funniest. But what alarms me is the way they're presenting things. I've complained about this on many occasions - most notably is when I wrote an article on this for In this case, they were trying to link Rammstein to the Columbine massacre. To make this link they showed footage of Columbine and played Rammstein music. That's right, they don't present documents where Klebold and Harris cite Rammstein as an influence. They don't tell us Rammstein CDs were found playing in their CD player while they killed people. No, no sort of direct evidence.

They just played the song, and showed the clips. They claimed the link was "obvious." They then translated a lyric as "killing in the school yard" and said "and they were certainly killing in the school yard" as part of the narration. Literally, this makes no sense. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. There is no connection, you just made it up. I call foul.

It's okay, the guy just complained about Elvis, so I doubt anyone under the age of 70 is taking this seriously, but you never know. Now they're showing clips of musicians talking about how important music is. Y'know, using this as proof as to how influential is. Because a Rock Star has never had a self inflated ego about how important they are. Yeah. Oh my now they're digging on Country - they've lost the five serious viewers they already had with that one.

"Satanic Revolution" my ass... this is just hilarious...

On a more "Life of Trae" point, last night I hung out with Derek and Chris. We played Worms for a few hours, and then just hung out and talked until 2:30 or so. It was fun, and it's been a long time since the three of us sat down and talked for that long. As Chris is off into the Navy in a short while, it was also just nice to be able to hang out for a while.
- Traegorn

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