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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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So, I just got some bad news from work.
Posted July 5, 2005 - 14:52:07

I stole this image from somewhere, and I don't care at the moment.  (It's a picture of Fireworks if you couldn't tell - and I'm reusing it from last year)Originally this was going to be an update about fireworks and my Fourth of July. Originally I was going to talk about how the Wauwatosa fireworks were decent, if not a a little rushed. Originally I was going to talk about the nice family dinner I had with my parents, my brother, and my brother's girlfriend.

But I'm not. I'm going to talk about the subject of the phonecall I just recieved from work. This call had a simple message. As in: I don't work tonight. No, it's not something I did -- the entire shift is cancelled thanks to some vandalizing jackass.

Last week, someone got into the room we canvass from and vandalized four monitors. This was bad enough. This weekend though, someone broke into the place and vandalized ALL of our dialing computers -- pouring liquid into the back of the monitors and stealing a computer. Thanks to this asshole, I can't work tonight. I may not be able to work tomorrow either. See, I have this thing: I like getting paid. I, in fact, need to get paid. I have bills, and this is how I take care of them. By, y'know, working. *slams head into wall* If crap like this keeps happening I may have to start looking for a second job -- and I *really* do not want to do that.

The guys at work keep suggesting that it's one of us callers - and that's bullshit. That's taking money directly out of our own pockets, and it makes no sense. I personally think it's a former employee who is disgruntled - but everytime I say that, I keep getting shut down. I think I'm right though.

Anyways, that's it for today. You can thank the vandal for my not so chipper mood...
- Traegorn

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Well that little bastard. I hope Karma comes around and bites him in the ass.

Trae, I know how you're feeling. But only sort of. I have to find a job before I move to Winona in 2 weeks *god, two weeks...maybe 3* and I'm feeling the pressure because.. well.. it's hard to find a job in Winona when you can't really GET THERE.

Imagine that.. *sighs*
Trae, I'm sorry that bastard did that, I hope it gets better.. (and that my mom stops singing..)
Jesus, d00d! That's crazy!

Do people (besides nutball former employees) really have anything against you folks?

Trae Dorn
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