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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A little attention to the other side of the world.
Posted June 23, 2005 - 13:01:02

Adopt a BlogSo, I ran across this neat little project the other day which is trying to get western sites to Adopt a Chinese Blog. The reasons the project has started is because the Chinese government has some strict internet regulations, not to mention general regulations on political speech. Adoptablog sums it up best with this:
Ever since blog became popular in China, there have been a number of occasions where some blogs were shut down by telecommunications company or internet service providers due to their political speech. These incidents not only brought risks to bloggers themselves but also to blog service providers in China. Many blog service providers had to increase their effort in content filtering. All these brought pressure and helplessness to people who dare to make truthful expressions.

Especially since April 2005, when the law on non-profit website registration became effective, website owners are required to submit their real personal information when they register their websites. The annual registration process as well as hefty penalty for failure in compliance have angered many website owners that use an independent virtual server and domain names.

Therefore, many bloggers in mainland China began to consider moving their blogs outside of China. But because of language barrier, financial, payment and other issues, the cost of moving is rather high and the situation is not optimistic.

It is based on the belief of free speech that we started the Adopt a Chinese blog project. We hope that we and others on the internet who shared the same belief, can share resources and help bloggers who want to freely express themselves and find a safer space for blogging, so that they can continue to blog without retribution.
So there you go. Now, with TRHBlogs in Beta, I think it's safe to say that I can put together some hosting - and that we're little known enough to get past the Chinese Government's Internet filter -- But I'm also willing to host at least one Wordpress or b2evolution blog as I know my system may not be perfect (I usually wouldn't make that offer, but I have yet to develop a Chinese Language interface for TRHBlogs, while ones exist for those systems).

In completely unrelated news, I'm sure everyone's happy about this call center move... You know... kind of like how everyone is happy when they get hit in the head with a hammer. Hopefully, someone will finally realize that moving everything overseas is a bad thing...
- Traegorn

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I dunno, I think I'd be pretty happy when hit in the head with a hammer. I'd ANGST a lot less about Sean, anyway.
I think the answer is hugs, not hammers dear.

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