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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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TRHBlogs Beta Launches... Finally.
Posted May 31, 2005 - 15:30:36

Blogs.trhonline.comSo, after two days of almost solid code hacking, programming, and sweat (well, I ran a mile at one point in the middle of it all), I give you the Beta of

If you've already registered for, then you already have a sign on. I've still yet to add RSS capabilities (although that will be added within the next day or two) or a friends list, don't be worried -- those features are on their way. Also, customization right now is a little low, but templates and other such fun things will be added as well. You can change some of the colors (although not all) on the current set up though - so the blogs don't all have to look exactly alike right now.

Private posts, as requested by Leah, have also been added. If there is any feature that *you* want, that I haven't added or you don't see on my list of upcoming features, feel free to tell me. That way I can, well, ADD it. The admin panel for it is pretty stark, effectively only designed for basic usability. If you guys want something prettier, please tell me. My goal was to make it functional and easy to use though, and I think I've acheived that at least.

As I promised a bit of personal life talk last time, I guess I should do that now. I might be able to visit Erika on Friday, so I'm fairly excited about that. She should find out whether or not she'll have her job this week, along with whether or not she'll get the student regent position -- so everyone cross your fingers and toes for Erika's sake. I also have begun the great job hunt 2005, and am a little stressed out about that. I also have a Dentist appointment on Thursday. Again, not very exciting.

I've actually been running a mile every other day, in my attempt to actually get fit. I've been doing sit ups and push ups on the off days. My body hates me right now, but it will get used to it. This isn't about my weight, as I am not fat in any way really, but really my want to be healthy, as I have lead a fairly sedintary lifestyle these last twenty four years. *shrug*

That's all for now.
- Traegorn

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Update: RSS Feed Added
stupid job hunt.

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