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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Life in General is Life in General
Posted May 11, 2005 - 2:38:25

ROcksSo, things have been fairly average lately. I am still Secretary for the High and Mighty Jugglers, which still means nothing (as todays elections verified). I still have boatloads of work to do before finals, and tests up the whazoo. I also have very little free time.

Very, very little.

I'm frankly writing this now because I'm about to go to bed. Anytime you've seen me online, it's because I'm working on something else as well.

I did take a break at one point. On Monday I went out to the Joynt for an hour or so because Rach called me up. Rachael had finally gotten her name changed, and was out celebrating with Erin, Jeremy, Ghaleon and Sabrina (who was in town) and asked if I would join them. Me, looking for any excuse to procrastinate on my work took them up on the offer. It was nice to get out.

I still haven't heard back from Idexx, so I'm assuming I didn't get the job at this point and not worrying about it. Frankly, with the cost of living in Eau Claire versus my cost of living in Milwaukee (which would be free, as it would be with my parents) I don't know if I'd take it honestly. 8 an hour in Milwaukee ends up being the same as 12 an hour in Eau Claire after cost of living... but I don't have a job in Milwaukee at all either.


At least Erika is off in South Dakota fighting fires no matter what I do, so she's not a factor in the decision. And before anyone asks, no she still hasn't heard back about the Student Regent position other than an e-mail that got sent out stating "We still haven't made up our minds yet."

Disorganization all around...
- Traegorn

Post a Comment, i don't have a job in milwaukee damn.

everything i find on is for nursing and physical therapy. i really wish at this point that i had done 3-2 Rush.
Check as well
thank you for the link, trae. i can now send out my resume like even more of a nutcase. i want a job sooooooo badddddd.
Jobs = good
Jobs = Vanessa can pay rent, and pay for gas, and have a cat, and eat, and save up for moving to Maine, and go out with friends, and...

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