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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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There is no street there, dammit!
Posted May 4, 2005 - 23:08:34

There is no street thereSo, rather than say anything important today, I've decided that I have to point out how badly Eau Claire, WI gets mapped by every single mapping system out there.

See, I needed to pop out some directions. I often choose an arbitrary spot in my general neighborhood to start with (like my dorm) regardless from where I'm actually starting.

But, without fail, it always tells me to turn from Garfield to Water Street. I always find that interesting as Garfield does not connect to Water Street. That bridge you see in the graphic? That's the infamous UWEC Pedestrian Foot Bridge.


I can't believe how confusing that must be for incoming students looking for driving directions to campus... who can't find their turn. Why? Because there IS NO TURN.

That image there is from Google maps, but MapQuest and Yahoo maps all make the same error.

- Traegorn

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if you want to get from anywhere outside of beloit to campus, mapquest and the like offer the fast way to get here. the fast way, unfortunately, goes past the liquor store with the drive-up window and the huge billboard for Everett's (another liquor store), and the run down part of beloit. so the admissions office makes very specific driving directions that they send to all prospies... the one that takes them past the large, gorgeous houses and when you turn onto the street that actually takes you to campus, you get this whopping view of middle college, the oldest building on campus (AND the oldest building northwest of chicago to have been used continuously for higher education! oooOOoooo!) and the view is there for like, six blocks. so your first view is this regal, old building that lasts forever.

this rambling really had no point, but it seemed to fit in well with your not-a-street-a-bridge story.
I don't know which is funnier:
-there only being a footbridge there, or
-major mapping services thinking it's an actual street.
Kellin - the Footbridge connects one one part of campus to another, so it makes sense to exist... Eau Claire (the city) has several footbridges scattered throughout town.

I wonder if Google maps mistakes those ones for roads too...
Oh, it's one of *those*. I get yah. Uh, DURR.

Trae Dorn
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