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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Registered for classes today...
Posted Apr 25, 2005 - 19:29:05

This is my actual scheduleSo, I finally got around to registering for classes today -- just a week later than I should have. *shakes head* Yeah, yeah, yeah - everyone yell at Trae for procrastinating. I admit it, I'm fairly bad with that sort of thing.

On the upside, I got almost all of the classes I needed (the last seat in one of them), and found good substitutes for the ones I couldn't get (all taking care of requirements too).


I'm going back to a low Tues/Thurs schedule again, instead of a low Friday schedule, which is alright I guess. I was liking my week ending at 11am on Friday though...

If anyone is concerned with the "Throttling" thing, don't. Solutions have been put into effect that should deal with the issue. Well, or it will all blow up in my face... and things will be dealt with then. In any case, consider the thing handled.

Tomorrow we're reviewing the UWEC Housing Judicial Code, and putting together revisions. It's odd that I have influence in something like that. It's odder to think that I'll be one of the students with the largest influence on it next year. Yeah, how's that for trippy.

I make policy. 'Tis bizarre.
- Traegorn

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Be sure that they are policies of DOOM!

And don't feel bad, for your's truly is a worse procrastinator. I haven't even applied to my transfer 4-year that I'll be attending in Fall. ^__^

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