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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Not Dead, Just Dead Tired.
Posted Apr 19, 2005 - 16:16:51

No Brand Con was, how you say, FRIGGIN' SWEET. I'll have some photos up later this week, but I'll start you off with a pair of videos:

Video 1: What is Wrong With Vinnk?
Video 2: 1337 Band - Live at the NBC Variety Show

Both are AVI files using the DIVX Codec, and well worth it. Again, I'll have a full con report under "Gatherings" later, but here's a list of my favorite moments for this year:
1. The best Hanzo audiences I have *ever* had. And for being able to walk into any room and get a massive response to "I Say Gardening, you say...!" and "What does no mean?!" Over 50 people showed up to Hanzo 1, 30-40 for Hanzo 2, and a full 8 for Hanzo 3 (which is VERY early in the morning, so that's pretty big)

2. The Dance was a lot of fun, watching make bigger asses out of themselves than even I did, complaining to Random Cat Girl about how limboing is hard when you're 6'3" tall, and running around like a moron with the flag (Along with some attendee telling me not to run in the halls, when I was the staff person.)

3. Harassing Damien of Genesis Mindworks (in a loving way), and getting scolded by June for it. Heck, all of the Mindworks people in general.

4. The Man Auction. I went for $35, but Vinnk went for a whopping $53.

5. 500 miles during the Variety show, where I got to complain a lot. *grin*

6. Talking with my friends Anne and Kyle in the hallways while leaning on a napping Erika at 3am on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning.

7. Note to self: I owe Kellin' $5.

8. Getting John from Fast Food Anime to notice I had been intentionally calling him the wrong name for two days.

9. Getting to FINALLY watch the Cosplay contest, after years of being consistantly scheduled to work at other places in the con.

10. Every single random person who hugged me, even though I was clearly uncomfortable with it. (I'm not a naturally huggy-person. But unlike Ziggy, I don't get offended if I'm hugged.)

11. Monica Rial telling me I look just like a guy she dated in High School if he had a beard.

12. Signing this years thing... which turned out to be Neil.

13. Losing my voice. It's not No Brand Con without Vinnk and myself losing our voices.

14. Watching sword fighting continue at NBC2k5, even though IBS couldn't make it. That truly made me feel awesome, even though I'm fairly certain I annoy the p*ss out of Megan, hehe...
Oh, there are just so many more too... I didn't get to see everyone that I wanted to that much (barely saw 202 people outside of Hanzo, Momo and Bwah I only ran into occasionally, Julie I exchanged what, five words with? Eva Master and gang I barely saw... although Captain Jack I avoided Razz... The list goes on.) Full report up later this week.

- Traegorn

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It should be mentioned that MPlayer for OSX is the best way to play DIVX files on a Mac right now.
and no one saw me there! woo!
Trae, the what is wrong with Vinnk viedo is AWESOME!!!!one1!!1 we must watch it at OA this week!
If someone brings a way to SHOW it, that shouldn't be a problem.

Trae Dorn
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