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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Thinking ahead to NoBrandCon 4, and smiling.
Posted Mar 15, 2005 - 12:55:48

Duct Tape Boy: False Prophet or Savior?So, No Brand Con will be here in a month, and I'm practically giddy about it. As always, I will be hosting Hanzo the Razor, and much funn will be had by all. I fairly certain that Derek and Chris are coming up, and that we can have a full "Gathering." is, in theory, supposed to be more than just a page about me. It is supposed to be a page about you guys too. The idea is that the entire point of this whole online project is to create a community of sorts.

The concept of a "Gathering" is to create a real-world extension of that community -- gather the users of the site together and have some fun(n). A lofty idea for a piddly little website like this one? Perhaps. But it doesn't mean it's not cool.

I've started a thread on the message board about this, but I'd like to hear as many ideas as possible about the concept of having a outing and/or event at NoBrandCon. Also, group documentation of the entire thing -- as I can create a section where everyone can write up their reports, and we can all post our photos together. A repository of fun(n) perhaps? *grin*

I don't know, they're just all ideas right now. Either way, NoBrandCon will likely still be an awesome time. I plan on having a blast.
- Traegorn

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