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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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It's too early to not be sleeping...
Posted Mar 8, 2005 - 9:59:17

...but here I am. Sleepy, yet awake. Sitting here... wishing I was asleep. Anyways, enough about me being sleepy. The new comment system is up, but if you read any of the comments yesterday you'd know that. I'm assuming everyone actually knew that, but I'm just making sure I mention it for posterity's sake.

Anywho, for those of you who I haven't told, I'm hosting a Lord of the Rings Brainspike of the Extended Editions in the K.T. TV lounge on Saturday (the 12th). Everyone is invited, and I'm starting at 1:00pm. Yes, as I have told others, there will in fact be free nachos, so be there or be nacho-less. Or something. Whatever. Show up. We'll probably finish watching them at about 2:00am or 3:00am or so (as I intend on taking a few short breaks between films and/or discs), so be ready to sit in there for the long haul.

It will be fun, I promise.

I have to make sure I sign up for my room again for next semester. I'm writing this into the blog as a reminder to myself, as I have a bad habit of forgetting to sign up on the sign up date, and I finally have a room that I don't want to move out of. Having a single room is *nice*, let me tell you. It's the only reason I haven't tried to move off of campus again. But yes, I need to go in, sign up, leave, and continue my evening.


So, I've got stuff to do, and things to take care of, so I'll end this entry here. Yeah.
- Traegorn

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oh trae. *laughs* i'll be in milwaukee on the 12th for a conference. woo!
Well, see if you get any Nachos then! :P
I'll only be there for the first movie, as Nicole's having her girly night of sleepover fun on Saturday.
Tell Nicole to reschedule. Lord of the Rings and Nachos shall not be placed second priority!!!
She already rescheduled, any more and it'll be her birthday party already! You're lucky I'm going at all! Even though I know it's not the lack of me you care so much about, it's that Erika's ditching early too, but I can pretend that you want me to be there too.
trae, you can eat my share of the nachos.

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