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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Random Game Stolen From Befu's Blog...
Posted Feb 24, 2005 - 12:35:13

...which I'm assuming she got from someone else too. Here it is: Go to Type in your answers to the following questions and post the first postable image result for each. (Although this may depend on your definition of what is "postable.") -- Place you grew up, place you live now, your name, your grandmother's name, favourite food, favourite drink, favourite song, favourite smell, favourite shoes. Sounds simple enough, eh? Oh yeah -- my definition of "postable" is "Will it fit into my website layout and still show up when I hot link it."

Place I grew up: Wauwatosa

Place I live now: Eau Claire

My name: Trae

My Grandmother's Name: Laurel (I went with my maternal Grandmother)

Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Drink: Coke

Favorite Song: Eli's Coming (Randomly picked from my playlist, as I don't have one)

Favorite Smell: Garlic (Like, actual garlic -- not garlic breath)

Favorite Shoes: Boots

That last image is a little weird. I hope this post worked properly, as I just did the despicable: Hot linking. Yeah, y'all can berate me on the forums or something.
- Traegorn

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Sorry. :)

Trae Dorn
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