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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Things you should do today
Posted Feb 9, 2005 - 16:26:04

The following are my instructions to you, and should also be given to everyone else. Do you actually have to do them? Nope. But you should.

1. Say something nice to someone.
Really, it's not that hard, and it will make someone have a brighter day. If anything, walk up to a stranger, say 'You seem like a nice person, I hope you have a wonderful day.' If anything, it will be entertaining to watch their reaction.

2. Visit [ a conflict of interest ].
It's located at, and it's the news blog I'm writing with Chris Nielson. Chris is a Republican, I am (of course) a Democrat. We bicker a lot. Think of it as "Crossfire," only with intelligent debate. [acoi] is the first of hopefully several Flip Side Blogs that are being developed.

3. Write your state legislator about the budget (if you're a student in Wisconsin).
The budget proposal just came out, and while it's nowhere near as damaging to education as the previous biennial budget, and is arguably bringing us back into a positive direction, we do need to see some changes. Tuition is going up, funding for some programs is going bye-bye, and lots of not-so-good things are happening. It's something that needs attention from every single one of us.

Check out the posts at [acoi] for more details though, as I don't feel like talking about this issue in two places.

4. Be happy and relax.
Life is short -- enjoy it. I mean, really. What's the point if you don't? We are on this Earth for only a short time, and we should revel in the wonders of a sunrise, the glories of a cloud, and the pleasures of a quiet afternoon.

And throw a few snowballs while you're at it. It's very theraputic.
- Traegorn

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