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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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What a Day it's Been. In other words: Boring.
Posted Sep 22, 2004 - 22:33:34

Strong Bad SingsToday, for those of you who are unaware, was Mabon. More commonly refered to as the Autumnal Equinox by the non-Wiccan types, it's one of the eight Sabbats throughout the year.

My Mabon has been incredibly boring.

Wednesdays are pretty damned busy for me, as every single class I have has a Wednesday session. From 8:00am until 8:45pm I'm in and out of classes all day. I'm also running off of about three hours of sleep, as I had to finish a paper for my Kins 196 class. It wasn't a big deal, I just couldn't get myself to write it for some reason.

Tomorrow is my day off though. I get to sleep in late, and while I have a few Flip Side articles to finish, I otherwise have no serious work that needs to get done. I also get to have lunch with my Dad, as he's stopping through town on his way back from the Twin Cities. It's just something we do if he's ever passing through Eau Claire, but it's nice as I don't get to see him that much during the school year otherwise.

My CD of Strong Bad Sings and my Limozeen T-shirt should arrive from UPS either tomorrow or the day after, which makes me excited. I've wanted this CD for so long... it's effectively my "Happy Birthday to me" gift. I've also ordered the Firefly DVDs, and a "Blue Sun" shirt.

Splurging may be bad, but I did it anyways. I have no regrets. *grin*

I'm just exhausted tonight though, and incredibly worn out. Oh, and my shoulder hurts... but that's my own fault, as it's from arm wrestling Matt White. See, I think of myself as rather weak, when facing Erika or my brother or something, but I often forget my friends are just as out of shape as I am.

And for some reason that makes me feel better. Go figure.
- Traegorn

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