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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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News of the Strange and Bizarre
Posted Sep 20, 2004 - 0:57:10

Katharine Thomas HallSo, I'm now on the exec board for the Katharine Thomas Hall Council. Not only that, but specifically I'm the "Event Organizer" or some such title. That's right, Mr. I-Don't-Interact-With-Others is in charge of setting up official hall events.

Yeah, if the irony hasn't already caused you to bowl over laughing, then I'm sure it will kick in within a few minutes.

I mean, I'm serious about doing a good job with this. The main reason I went for it is purely because I've never wanted to participate in a hall event. The reason why is that they just have never appealed to me, and I figure there are other people like me who feel the same way. So, my whole idea, is to create events that I'd want to attend (besides the already existing type crap) and the like.

It is kind of sad though, because Freethough Society meets during the KT Exec Board meetings, so I can't do both. Ah well, maybe I'll join PSA or something... after all of these activities, I wonder if I'll still have time to get a job... yipes, didn't think about that.

I've been a little down lately, and I'm not sure why. I think I've just been a little too isolated. I need to get out more, and start building more bonds with people. I just need to frickin' get OUT more often.

On Saturday night, I went over to Governors and watched movies with some Flip Side people. What I realized is that I was having a really good time. Why is that important? It's important because it brought back memories of old OA. Before OA felt like an obligation. That's really the whole thing, I'm not having all that much fun at OA most weeks.

- Traegorn

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