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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Story That Needs Repeating
Posted Aug 29, 2004 - 18:51:35

So, I was just told a very amusing story that my sister watched unfold. I've been laughing about it for a little while, and I think I need to share it.

My sister, who lives in Washington DC, was at the zoo with her friend Abbey. They were looking at the gibbons, when suddenly all of the gibbons in the habitat climbed up to the barrier net together. My sister and her friend backed away instinctively from the railing, but apparently some other people there weren't so smart -- as they approached the primates. See, the gibbons weren't really being all that friendly, as they did something that still has me laughing...

...the gibbons simultaneously peed on the people.

That, folks, should be a lesson to all those who would approach a group of primates that are clustering on the barrier of their cage. Look out for pee.

I recieved a phone call from my new roommate today, asking what I was bringing. For what impression I could get from a five minute phonecall, he seemed like a nice guy. He's apparently my age, so I'm glad they're not pairing me up with some 18 year old kid again. Not that Marcus was a bad guy or anything, as he was a decent roommate, but I couldn't ever really relate to him it seemed.

I'm, in theory, packing right now. Have I actually started? Nope. I should though, or else I'm never getting out of here... yeesh.

Last night, I hung out with Derek, and we watched a decent, but nothing to write home about, movie called Returner. It was cool, but definitely no Vampire Effect/Twin Effect. I may or may not go out tonight, as I have a lot of packing that needs to get done. It is Derek's birthday though, so I may reverse that, and go do something with him.

Ah well, I guess I should start putting things away...
- Traegorn

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