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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I Live! Adventures in the Life of Trae...
Posted July 23, 2004 - 17:03:21

Many, many packagesSo, I've been rather quiet lately. This is because I've hardly been at my computer at all. Why? I was doing quite a lot of mail prep, and sending it out. See, my Aunt and Uncle run an independent Jazz label ( and they needed someone to do a 300+ piece mailing for them, as their regular guy couldn't do it. So, since I'm unemployed and could use the cash, I volunteered to do it.

And I was doing it all week.

Each package had three CDs (which I had to deshrink wrap), and three promo sheets. It, again, took several long days of doing this to get it done... but I did it.


You have to understand, I'm not saying that it was hard or anything. In fact, it was actually quite easy. What I am saying is that it was MIND NUMBINGLY BORING. Holy freaking crap, you have no idea how ultimately bored I was while I was doing this...

This is a shaved TraeI was so bored, I shaved off my beard. Yep, at this moment I do not have any facial hair.

It's quite strange, not having a beard or mustache... I haven't shaved it off for almost three years. My face is... my face is... my face is NEKKID! It's just bizarre. I keep reaching to scratch my goatee, and finding chin. I think I'm going to grow it back as soon as possible - so this is your once chance to see facial hair-less Trae. In two weeks, the goatee will have grown back in, and you won't ever see this again... or at least not for some time.

Anyways, I drove the 300+ packages to the Post Office, and sent them off this afternoon. It was quite exciting.

I think I'm going to try and go out tonight, maybe catch a movie or something. I just need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. I'm going stir crazy... I've barely had any human contact in days and I think I'm becoming a bit strange because of it.

Well, stranger than normal at least...
- Traegorn

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