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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Of Tic Tacs, Tonsillitis, and Family Parties
Posted July 12, 2004 - 22:31:33

Tic Tac, anyone?So, tic tacs are now my new friend. I've been chowing down on them for several hours, and they seem to lessen the pain.

My tonsillitis has not improved as much as I hoped it would (although I feel better). Since it's been three days on treatment, this leads me to thinking that I should contact the doctor again if I'm not feeling significantly better. Why? Because the doctor said that if I wasn't feeling better in three to four days. Since tomorrow is day four, I'm giving them that - but it may be that the infection is resisting the antibiotic. If this is the case then I'll have to switch, or something akin to that.

Last night I was at a family party at my maternal grandparent's house. It was because my Uncle Mark was visiting from California, so there was a rather large turnout. I saw several members of my family who I haven't seen in many moons, so it was kind of cool that way... I saw a few who I've never quite known what to do with.

Okay, so I mostly just tried avoiding Jim Estes.

Jim married into my family over a decade ago, and I still don't like him. Hell, a young me was a ring bearer at his wedding, and I didn't quite like him then... and I think I was eight at the time. Jim is Mr. Corporate. He reeks of those who I've always disliked, dispised, and rail against on a daily basis. Okay, so I'm probably being harsh, but ever since he got this gleam in his eye, a gleam of joy, when he talked about effectively destroying a company a few years ago... *shiver*. All I could think about was "Who are these people who've lost their jobs? How will they feed their families?" when he was clearly finding fun in the whole event.

He may not be Satan, but he sure has him on speed dial.

Anyways, I managed to almost completely avoid him at this gathering -- which made it largely enjoyable. The weirdest thing at the dinner table was the lack of political debate about the November election. My mother's side of the family is usually fairly divided - some die hard liberals, along with some die hard conservatives. Political discourse is a regular event.

But the table was quiet on the subject. Finally, someone mentioned it, and the answer came back plain. This room, usually split on party lines... was completely for Kerry. That's right, Bush has so alienated some voters, including one man who has never voted Democrat in his life, is voting for John Kerry.

I have hope, boys and girls, I have hope.
- Traegorn

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