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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Root Beer is the Source of All Good in the Universe
Posted July 8, 2004 - 20:46:16

This is the source of everything good in the UniverseSo, I hold in my hand right now a bottle of Sprecher Root Beer...

...mmmmmm, Sprecher Root Beer.

As I'm still ill, I'm a little grumpy. But my blessed bottle of Root Beer will make it all better. Yes.

Mowed the lawn today, which is hardly an exciting move, but still... it's something. If you guys are expecting me to keep throwing fire at Dustin, then I'm sorry. Why? Because I'm not going to continue doing so. Erika lectured me for ten minutes about it over the phone last night, ironically after I decided to drop it none the less...

Regardless, it's done. Finito.

In completely unrelated news, users of Mozilla who run Windows should perk up their ears and listen, as a security vulnerability related to the shell: protocol was discovered today. This vulnerability could allow hackers to run malicious code on your computer, so needless to say, this is a very bad thing. Fortunately, Mozilla has released a patch to fix this already. Again, this is just for Windows users, so Mac, Linux, and Unix users can just sit back and relax. Y'all aren't effected.

This is really the first big vulnerability found in Mozilla that I can think of, and in reality it's a Windows problem. Mozilla was merely relying on Windows to handle the protocol, and the patch issued just blocks Mozilla from handing off the protocol. Also, when you consider how many Internet Explorer bugs have been found... this leads me to ask:


Opera, Mozilla, and on the Mac, Safari... all of these great browsers, all with built in pop up blocking, all with tabbed browsing... IE is out of date, and crappy. So, when I look at my site logs, and see that 87% of you guys are still using IE, it makes me want to claw my eyes out.

Get. A. Better. Browser.

Ah well, back to my Root Beer...
- Traegorn

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