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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Self Pitied Tale of Mr. Przybylski
Posted July 7, 2004 - 14:53:00

My name is now a swear word... wow.[ Note: As Dustin has deleted or made inaccessable the entries referred to in this post, I have archived the unaltered frontpage here, as I personally believe that pretending something never happened won't make it go away. ]

So, for those of you who read neither Erin's Blog, Rachael's Blog (Entries: 1, 2), nor Dustin's Blog (Entries: 1, 2, 3), there's bit a bit of feuding going on. Mostly, Mr. Dustin Przybylski has felt it necessary to declare war against people who, at least at one point, genuinely liked him.

Dustin, within his rants, has called me an "Elitist," and that Rachael is apparently "just like" me. Now, anyone who knows me and has met Rachael should already be laughing on the floor. Rachael, who is a wonderful girl by the way, is nothing like me. While I may have maintained a level of friendship with her over the last few years, in recent times we have drifted to essentially the status of peripheral friends. We get along fine, but we aren't exactly close. Why? Because we've had less in common these last few years.

But, in Dustin's warped view of the world, this isn't the case... but I'll get to that later.

Originally, I was angry. I had thought that Dustin and I had moved passed any petty conflicts, and had been getting along fine. Last time I saw him, we had a pleasant conversation... in fact, it's been quite some time since we've had a disagreement. In my mind, we had put any problems behind us...

...but I was apparently wrong. So wrong, that Dustin felt the need to insult me on a public forum. I was rather angry, so I wrote a very scathing e-mail. Why e-mail? Because I wasn't about to make this public. I'll get to why that has changed in a bit. Anyways, this is the e-mail I sent him:

From: Trae Dorn
To: Przybylski, Dustin Bernard
Subject: Dustin, I don't know what your problem is...


I don't know where the hell you get off. I never thought that we had a god-damned problem, but apparently I was wrong. You can bandy around words like "elitist," but last time I checked the only person here being a judgemental ass is you Dustin.

Stop being a a defensive little self made victim and get over yourself.


Incredibly mean? Yeah. But that's why I didn't put it online originally. Until I got this reply today:

From: Przybylski, Dustin Bernard
To: Trae Dorn
Subject: RE: Dustin, I don't know what your problem is...

first off don't ever write me again, I don't like you, in fact I never did.... If I get another email from any of your people again I will have to inform admission that I am being harassed on my campus email. Enuff said, so leave me alone, none of you know who I am, or what I am going through.

Okay, there are so many things wrong with this that I can't even begin to count (besides spelling "Enough" as "Enuff," which just drives me crazy). First off, who the hell are "My People?" The list of people who could be considered "My People" in no way includes anyone who's been involved in this. Maybe three years ago Rach could have been "My People," and it's definitely a while since Erin has been "My People," although even then I wouldn't have described her as that. Have Derek Castor or Chris Parch contacted Dustin, and I don't know about it? Has my friend Anna left Africa to call Dustin? Has Erika left her firefighting in Oregon to get ahold of Dustin and not told me? Have I mobilized Trae's Angels (Leah, Becca, and Befu)? I didn't think so...

Out of everyone who could be described as "My People," none of them are even AWARE (until maybe now) that anything has happened.

And I'm not supposed to e-mail him again at his University account or he'll "report" me for harassment... Well sorry for wanting to communicate in private initially, instead of addressing the whole god damned world on first instinct. Well, here you go Dustin. This is what you wanted. You wanted attention, you wanted people to rally against you so you could pretend to be the victim. Here's what you wanted!

Are you happy now? Of course you aren't.

Get over yourself, and grow up. I'm done with you.

(And if you want to respond, go ahead. Unlike some people, I have no problems hearing the voices of those who disagree with me.)
- Traegorn

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I really don't recall the issues we had, but I am kindly requesting you remove access to this post. Thank you, Dustin

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