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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Watching Northern Exposure, and Enjoying the Hell Out of it.
Posted July 2, 2004 - 18:27:41

Holling and MauriceSo, my dad has a copy of the first season of Northern Exposure, and I've decided to watch it today. Northern Exposure is a piece of my childhood, really. I remember sitting down with my family every week and tuning in, enjoying an hour in Cicely, Alaska.

If you've never seen Northern Exposure, it starts out about a young, urbanite, New York Doctor finding himself trapped by a contract, practicing medicine in a rural Alaskan town. Eventually the show become more about the rest of the people in the town instead of just Dr. Joel Fleischman's issues, but that's the initial premise.

Even knowing that it was filmed in Washington state, I am able to suspend disbelief even now, and transport myself to this small town, and laugh at Joel's inability to cope.

DVDs are the best thing that have happened to TV series that died long before they should have. Sure, Rob Morrow's leaving Northern Exposure may have been what stamped the nail in it's coffin, but even the Joel-less final season was good. Really, excepting a few bumps, the show was quality.

And now I can rewatch it as many times as I can. Sweet.

So, Marlon Brando died today, which is incredibly weird. What is it with famous people, who I thought were immortal, dying randomly? I mean, Reagan's body is barely cold, and boom - Brando died. I mean, he's frickin' Brando! I remember the first time I watched the Godfather... yeah.

As for me? I'm still sick. Being sick sucks, people. Hopefully I'll feel better by the end of the weekend. If I don't, then I'll probably end up going to the doctor or something... I just don't like being f***ing sick.
- Traegorn

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