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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Two Days in Eau Claire: Of Weddings and Parking Lots
Posted June 20, 2004 - 3:14:37

Only in Wisconsin does the Bride arrive on a Harley Davidson...So, I went to Terence and Jess' wedding on Friday, and it was great. I can honestly say that it was one of the better couple of days that I've had in a long time.

To start with though, things didn't quite work so smoothly. It turns out that the reason I couldn't get ahold of Matt for a ride up was because he was already in Eau Claire. Geh. So, I went out on Friday morning and got the oil changed on the van so it could be driven without risking its life (I do want to point out that the van had 177777 miles on it when I left the house that morning, which I thought was kind of neat). Now, the right turn signal had also been not working, so I had the guys at the oil change place replace the bulb... only they replaced the wrong bulb, and I didn't notice until I got back home.

So, I drove back to the oil change place, and sorted it all out. Now with an operating right blinker, I hit the Freeway about an hour later than I wanted to. Suck.

I pulled into Eau Claire about 2:20pm, and went to meet up with Erika, who was going to the wedding with me. Mostly I think she wanted to go because got bored with sitting around Menomonie all the time. Frankly, I would get bored there too. Of course, Erika and I being the idiots we are manage to take something as simple as "Meet in front of Schoefield" and turn it into an exercise in bad timing - as it took us 10 to 15 minutes to actually meet up.

Disgustingly cute, and oddly heart warming.Once getting to Rod and Gun Park (where the wedding was held), things actually went pretty smoothly (except for my cellphone ringing randomly). The ceremony was nice (Including Jess riding up on a Harley... only in Wisconsin...), and the reception was held at the park. It's so weird (yet ultimately cool) to think that Jess and Terence are married now. I'm too young for him to get married...

...ah well. Much fun was had at the reception, and I saw many people who I probably won't get to see for some time. Of course, I also saw lots of people there who I didn't want to see, but such is life - and again, I still had a good time.

Erika and I headed out after a while, and went to Perkins to get something to eat. There, a French Silk Pie was purchased for me, as Erika's attempt to apologize for last week Wednesday's fiasco. We got some appetizers, and sat there talking for a couple of hours. Afterwards, we stopped out at the Joynt for a few minutes, but didn't end up staying that long.

Matt and Shannon, who were originally going to let me crash at their place, actually left back for Milwaukee that night, so I was left without a place to sleep. Thankfully Erika offered me a spot on a futon at her parent's house. She also payed for my gas (!), as an additional apology for last week.

Wow. So, Erika left her car in Eau Claire at the University, and I drove us to her parent's house in Menomonie. I slept in the Computer room, and apparently her dog likes me.

Anyways, in the morning we drove back to Eau Claire, originally just to let Erika pick up her car - and I was going to drive back to Milwaukee right away so I could go to Thor's graduation party...

...yeah, that didn't happen.

Empty Phillips Parking lot... You'll never see it this way again, everAfter getting to the parking lot, we switched to her car instead of my minivan. Erika and I decided that we needed to get some breakfast, and after much deliberation (and driving around like morons) we ended up at Bakers Square. We ate, sat, and talked for a while. Afterwards, we headed back to the Parking lot at the University, and pretty much sat and talked by the cars for what was supposed to be a few minutes... which turned into a couple of hours. Realizing that the French Silk Pie Erika had purchased the night before for me was probably completely defrosted, we decided that we should eat it.

Problem was, we had no forks.

So, a plan was hatched. Erika and I drove until we found a KFC. I ran in... and found that they had no tableware out that I could steal... so I grabbed some napkins, and walked out quickly. Then we drove down the road to a Taco Bell. Erika ran in, and came out a few moments later. She held high in her hands a couple of Sporks.

We were ready for some pie.

Erika and I then went out to Carson Park, and sat down and ate some of the Pie. We talked for even more, and admired the view off a bluff overlooking Half-Moon lake... you know, the lake that has a habit of swallowing up college aged kids? Yeah.

After much pie-age was had, we headed back to the University parking lot... and sat there even longer. Erika and I talked, and pretty much goofed around a lot like goons. With several piggy back rides, a shoulder lift, some biting (what the hell is up with girls biting me?), and me performing the genius move of the day -- bashing my head into a car door -- the day sort of flew by.

Erika is a GOON!Erika also randomly grabbed my camera and started taking some of the weirdest photos. I swear, I have at least eight photos of Erika's feet now, and I have no idea why. She made me promise to post some of the photos on my website, so as I am a man of my word, I posted the most normal image of all... the picture Erika took of herself. I think I'll bury the rest of the photos in a tin can in the backyard or something, to spare you guys the strangeness of some of these images.

At about eight o'clock, I finally hit the road. It was a long drive back to Milwaukee, as I am currently being the jerk who goes the speed limit (to save gas - that saves me a quarter of a tank on this trip... yes a QUARTER OF A TANK! I speed no more for financial purposes). This reminds me, I should mention this to all potential drivers out there: Don't be afraid of the passing lane. I'm minding my own business, driving in the right lane, and this guy pulls up and starts tailgating me. Now, the left lane is EMPTY. That's right, EMPTY. But rather than pass me, he sits there irate for ten minutes. What the heck... I mean, PASS ME. It's not that complicated, folks.

Ah well, I need to get to sleep as I have to work in the morning. You kids be good...
- Traegorn

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