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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Today was a God-damned Shitty, Shitty Day.
Posted June 10, 2004 - 2:36:56

No, this is not Towers.  Look closerOkay, so I want to point out that the photo displayed is in fact NOT Towers. If you look closely, you'll notice air conditioners in each window, along with privacy dividers. Why is this important? Because I wanted proof of what a crappy day I had, and photos of the Capitol are just too cliche. See, almost every UW school has a dorm with the same blue-prints as Towers. UW Madison has two, just with extended first floors - and they're named something that starts with a W, and then something that starts with an S. Honestly, I don't really give a f*** what they're named right now though. All I know is that they get air conditioners and privacy dividers, and we don't.

See, today was a shitty day. It started out horrible, in the fact that I discovered that I have lost my pendant. You know, the one I've been wearing every day for five years? The one Derek made for me by hand? Yeah, that one. It's gone. I may have lost it biking home from work the other night, and I didn't discover it was missing until I went to go put it on this morning.

Then, I took the day off to get together with Erika in Madison, right? Well, Erika never called me back like she said she would. I still left for Mad-town at 4:30 (like I told her I would), hoping she'd call while I was on the road. I tried calling her, and didn't get a response. So, I ended up wasting a god-damned day.

Now, I don't mind the wasted trip or the money spent on gas, I bummed around Madison for a few hours, and it didn't suck or anything. Frankly, I enjoy driving, so clocking a little bit of freeway time was actually a bonus. What I'm mad about is that I took off work to f***ing do this, and she didn't even call to cancel. She just disappeared... and it was her god-damned idea to get together in the first place. So I spent an evening that I could have been earning money and saving a day off for the future doing absolutely nothing fun or productive. Thanks a f***ing lot.

Am I a bit pissed at Erika for not calling? You betcha. I don't rearrange my schedule for most people, and now I'm beginning to remember why.

I'm going to f***ing bed.
- Traegorn

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