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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Okay, so I think my obsession with Sports Night is unhealthy...
Posted May 29, 2004 - 22:43:51

Jeremy... how I can relate to you...Okay, so with me referencing Aaron Sorkin's reinterpretation of the Three Dog Night song "Eli's Coming" to my complaining about a lack of Quo Vadimus' existence in the real world, I have often tossed about Sports Night references while assuming that you all actually knew what I was talking about.

Well, maybe you don't.

Since I've spent the last few days watching various episodes of the program though, I figured I may as well talk about it. Sports Night, for those of you unaquainted with it's brilliance, is not actually about Sports. Frankly, if it were, I probably wouldn't watch it. Sports Night is a show about people who produce a show called, well, "Sports Night" - a Sportscenter-esque program on a fictional cable network called CSC. It was created by, and mostly written by Aaron Sorkin, who also created The West Wing.

If anything, I would describe Sports Night as the prototype for the West Wing. It's more of a comedy, but the dramatic elements usually seen in Sorkin creations are strongly represented. William H. Macy wasn't needed on the show to make it good, but he sure didn't hurt I relate hugely to the character of Jeremy Goodwin (played wonderfully by Joshua Malina), who is the inveterate nerd. Jeremy is awkward, nervous, and geeky, but somehow ends up on top. I think that I can relate to that on many levels.

Because I'm a nerd, and somehow haven't screwed up everything. *grin*

If you're wondering why I chose to talk about a television program today rather than events in real life... it's because literally nothing is going on right now. I don't start my new job until this upcoming week, and have been feeling rather hermit like. That's right, I'm hiding out with my toys, and not interacting with people.

I might try to be social tomorrow, but tonight I am hiding. I don't know, maybe the taste of Eli crashing around me a few weeks ago still lingers in my mouth (dear lord, I made a reference to Sports Night), but who knows. Maybe I'm just afraid that it's raining at Indian Wells... (I'll stop with the references, really...)

(And Leah, I used graphics in this post. Happy now?)
- Traegorn

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