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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And this day starts like many others.
Posted May 18, 2004 - 10:37:03

Tick TockI woke up today, showered, and did nothing spectacular. Of course it's nowhere close to noon even, I'm killing time before my Poli Sci final, and I've yet to try and actually do anything, but somehow I feel still unproductive.

I decided, for no explainable reason, to wear a tie today. I'm not quite sure why, I just sort of felt like it. So if you're the kind of person who would think it's odd to see me in a button up shirt, slacks and a tie, then hunt me down today. If you've seen it before, like at times when I've had a job or I've had a formal event to attend, then don't bother. It's not really all that impressive a sight in the first place.

Yesterday I took a walk, and dragged my camera with me. Rather than just drop them randomly into my blog like I did last time, I figured I'd also put the new shots up in a photo gallery (since I haven't added to that section of the site since 2002). To see that particular gallery, you can view the photos here. I took well over 70 photos (I had no idea my crappy little camera had enough memory to hold that much, hehe), but thanks to the fact that my camera is, well, a piece of junk - about 35 of them are actually worth looking at. I invite you to hunt through them, and tell me what you may or may not think.

While I was in there, I fixed the Rhinelander 2002 gallery, which had been semi-broken for quite some time. Did you know that almost half the photos had been offline? Yeesh. Anyways, I fixed that, and now all 136 photographs can be viewed - with thumbnails and eveything now.

Okay, so it's really not all that exciting, but heck, it's actual content beyond me rambling. Honestly, how often do I offer that sort of thing up? I usually just rant here, or link to a news story, or both. Rarely do I go into the rest of this site, and give you guys something to actually chew on.

Next project is to get thumbnails and visability for the art gallery... which won't be that hard actually. It just may involve me hitting my head into a wall for hours.

Ah well, as I hope to not be late for my Political Science final, I should probably pack up my laptop and head out. You kids be good, ya' hear?
- Traegorn

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