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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Quiet and Easy Going Sunday Afternoon.
Posted May 16, 2004 - 20:35:21

Pretty Creek...Today has been rather quiet, and I like that. I took a nice walk today, stopping by the library to study a bit for my Poli Sci course, and then walking down the Putnam trail. I stopped for a little bit on the bridge that crosses the Little Niagara Creek (pictured), and turned around and headed back.

It was good.

I always enjoy taking walks like that, and today it was just gorgeous out. A little cloudy, yes, but nice out none the less. It's supposed to storm tonight and in the morning, and I look forward to that (as I don't have to actually go out anywhere either day). Of course, knowing me lately, I'll toss my coat on and go running around out there for no adequate reason. *grin*

The Flip Side, Volume 1, Issue 12The current issue of The Flip Side is finally online (Volume 1, Issue 12). Within it's pages you can read the article by Dr. Riffi, detailing his ordeal at the hands of the USCIS (formerly the INS), along with several other interesting articles. As I said when we did the hard copy distribution last Wednesday, this is the issue where you will agree with least one article, and at least one article will either anger and offend you. If I were to pick out a single issue to show people what we're trying to do with this magazine, for all it's faults, this would be the one.

In the interesting news of the moment department, I do want to point you towards an article from The Register, detailing how a student uncovered US military secrets. To quote the article "An Irish graduate student has uncovered words blacked-out of declassified US military documents using nothing more than a dictionary and text analysis software." Yeah, it's neat.

And if you want your moment of fascism today, look no further than this article. A Teacher got fired because he would not censor a student's poetry. Did it contain obscenities? Nope. Did it contain inappropriate content? Nope.

It was merely critical of President Bush and his No Child Left Behind intiative.

Yeah, that's so retarded, I can't even begin to explain. So, yeah - that's it for today kids.
- Traegorn

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