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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Reader Response #1, and a complete lack of sleep on my part.
Posted May 13, 2004 - 11:11:11

This is not a metaphorI'm... very... tired... I last slept on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and that was just two hours. I probably won't got to sleep for some time just because I have stuff that needs to get done. Geh...

Ah well, onto the business at hand. I have my first reader response from this article, which hit the stands yesterday. Rather than say a whole hullaballoo about it, I think I'll just post it:

I consider myself a feminist. The reason why I think this is because I feel that women should be equal to men. This includes slang terms, whether they are deemed degrading or not. I feel completely comfortable referring to a man's penis as his "cock" or "dick." In turn, I must expect and accept that men my refer to my vagina as a "pussy" or "cunt" or "box." Big deal! Similarly, I often call perfectly fine grown men "boys." I realize that this can make those men feel degraded and maybe inferior. To them I say: Call me a chick or a dame or a broad. I frankly don't care. Equal treatment... feminism at its most common occurrence. Granted these terms are all a little vulgar, but in the throws of passion I would not want my guy to say, "Please suck on my penis." Weird and uncomfortable. Conversely, I would not say, "Ooh baby... lick my vagina." Sick! The words "penis"and "vagina" SHOULD be used when discussing these body parts in class or especially when talking about them in a biological or scientific manner. Also, probably not appropriate when you are talking to your mother, Trae.

I do have one issue with some vocabulary. Please do not call my breasts (tits, boobs, headlights, whatever) boobies. You are not a five year old and it is not sexy to call my breasts "boobies." The same goes for calling your anatomy your "wiener." My fiance does this and it drives me crazy. I would much prefer he uses a either "derogatory" or scientific term rather than these childish ones. Again, this is weird and uncomfortable.

Political correctness has overtaken society. We are so busy being worried about being politically correct that we lose sight of more important things. There are a hell of worse ways to insult me than by calling my vagina a pussy.

I guess that's it, Trae. Not everyone is that uptight... even women who are feminist and no where near sexist. I know that as an RA, future hall director, and "student leader" I should be more concerned about these things, but seriously. Some people need to chill out.

Amanda Stoffregen

And I'd like to thank Amanda for writing in. I was actually a little disappointed when I found out that she actually agreed with me. But, I still want to hear from the rest of you guys. Just remember, less than 500 word.
- Traegorn

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