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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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In a Perfect World, I would be in Charge
Posted May 11, 2004 - 11:22:36

Alas, what could have been...I find myself feeling more and more disappointed with the world these days. I'm not talking about my personal life, not even my crashing computer which caused me to lose the original draft of this entire post. No, those things, while confusing, are not that bad at all.

And I wish it was just Dr. Riffi's unexplained deportation. While the blacklisting of a Fullbright Scholar at my University by the Department of Homeland Security is near the top of my list for anger with the current administration, it is sadly not my only gripe.

See, I run across other things - like how some college students were banned from an appearance by President Bush at their University because of their political beliefs. Blog for America reports (and what originally appeared on Smart Ass): The Republican Party succeeded in socializing these College Republican volunteers to enforce the "blacklisting" and profiling of their own college classmates. Unfortunately, this event highlights a trend towards extreme political polarization and blind party loyalty in the United States-no matter the party affiliation. The same unfounded fear and suspicion that led to "blacklisting" people in the past is starting to become a regular trend once again in our own backyards. Yeah, boys and girls, let the outrage begin.

On the personal front, tomorrow's issue of the Flipside gets published today, and gets prepped for distribution tonite. This is going to be where most of the writing staff for the paper gets to read my article.

This has me worried.

Why? Because where the average reader will sit down and actually read the article, these guys will just skim the headline and react. I have to admit that I have a rather attention grabbing headline as well. Some may view it as a personal attack as well, which it isn't at all.

Ah well, to the reader who has stumbled across the site on Wednesday morning before I've had a chance to update, welcome. You're probably here in response to my article (which will be posted to this site soon, along with the Flipside Website shortly.

If you want to respond, feel free to e-mail me or jump in on the message board and speak your mind. I just ask that you keep your comments anger free, as irrational arguments will be ignored. Make sure you're arguing from a logical, rational voice to assure that I actually listen to you.

Ah well, I should get back to being productive. You kids be good.
- Traegorn

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