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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Wasting time in the MacIntyre Library Basement
Posted May 8, 2004 - 18:41:22

Okay, so I'm about to search out research as much information on the European Union as I can, but before I do - I figured I'd post an update here for good measure. Why? Because I'm crazy like that, that's why.

Why in the hell did they make a sequel to Battle Royale?Last night at Otaku Anonymous, we watched Battle Royale II. For those of you who don't know, it's the 2003 sequel to probably one of the greatest studies in human nature to be placed on film, Battle Royale (which was put out in 2000). In probably one of the greatest cinematic tragedies ever to be made, we watched them kill off characters we didn't give a crap about, along with almost ruining the characters we liked from the first movie.

Where the first movie seemed to develop even the smallest character to a point where your gut wrenched with every death, the second film turns it almost into a comical farce. The body count stacks so high, so quickly that you can do nothing but laugh when text fills the screen describing who has fallen.

Battle Royale II had such potential as a film, and it dropped the ball. That they got Takeshi Kitano to reprise his role in even a flashback amazes me, as I'd think that he would roll his eyes in disgust after seeing the script.

The premise of the Battle Royale in the first movie was slightly contrived; however, in the first film the reactions to the situation were so genuine and seemingly realistic that disbelief was easily suspended. In the second film though, the situation is even more contrived, and the reactions seem completely idiotic.

I honestly wish I had never seen this film now, as it has tainted the Battle Royale experience for me. Let me give you some advice: Read the book, see the first movie, but skip this putrid example of a sequel.

Ah well, onto real life. You'll notice that this week's poll is a little more hotbutton than usual. This is because I'm expecting the site to get a little bit of company on Wednesday (when the new issue of the FlipSide comes out), and it's directly related to the content of my article. More details on how that could possibly relate to the weekly poll here (since so few FlipSide readers are aware this site exists) will be obvious when the article hits stands (and gets posted to this site on Wednesday or Thursday).

Needless to say, I think I'm going to anger a lot of people. Sadly, I don't think that most of them will make it past their initial emotional response, which is really too bad. People rarely are willing to actually debate most of the time, and just turn everything into a personal argument.

Becca headed back to Spencer today (she'd been here since Wednesday). We dragged her to Otaku Anonymous, Jugglers, and AAS (in reverse order), and she was nice enough to bring me pie. Yay for pie!

And for those of you who've been listening to me rant about bad mojo on the horizon via Three Dog Night/Sports Night analogies, I have a feeling that even with all the crap that's been hitting the fan lately that "Eli" hasn't passed, and that things are still going to get worse... so I'm going to go pick up a book and pretend they aren't.

Hooray for the ostrich approach...
- Traegorn

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