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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Somedays a clever, witty title eludes me.
Posted Apr 29, 2004 - 12:48:00

This is not real artworkSomedays you just wake up and know that everything will be alright. This is not one of them, but I'm willing to pretend. I have learned that appearances are easy to fake, and that just because something looks vaguely authentic, it doesn't mean it it.

Take the image I've posted as an example. At first glance, it appears as though someone has painted the view of the Chippewa River valley from the top of the UWEC hill. Upon closer inspection (and maybe after noticing the words "Fake Signature" in the lower right hand corner), a person might realize that it's merely a digital photograph that has been manipulated with some software.

Just because something looks like one thing, doesn't mean it is.

That's not to say that I'm in a bad mood, nor to say that I'm depressed. I am actually in a rather good mood; however, there are things that press with urgency in the back of my mind. I fear that if action is not taken soon, I will become overwhelmed. Right now though, I am able to hold back the raging river of stress with the small dam I have built for myself... and the dam will hold as long as I'm responsible and keep placing each brick in place as the river rises.

In a move of pure irony, the University has begun using their sprinklers today. It's ironic only because rain is firmly in the forecast for today, and it's smell hangs heavy in the air. Anyone who doesn't think it's going to rain today is missing very clear and obvious signs that even the National Weather service has been able to pick up on.

And yet they water the lawns.

I just want to say that this has to be the most interesting waste of tax payer money that I've seen today. And I walked past a couple of Business professors today, so that's quite a feat.

I creatively a-salted Erika this morning. In Poli Sci, I placed a rather sizable pile of salt on the desk/table/whatever where she sits in lecture. Her expression was priceless, although I fear her retaliation will involve something smacking me in the head at juggling later today.

Tomorrow is Beltane eve, which is a little exciting. I love Beltane, it has to be one of my favorite holidays. If I were down in Milwaukee I'd probably be attempting to talk Derek into having a party or something, but alas - I am in the dark northlands of Eau Claire. On the upside, we're having the Otaku Anonymous annual scavenger hunt that night, so I should have a good time regardless.

Because of that though, I may not have an update for you kids tomorrow. I know, I know, I already missed a day this week - but I'm sure to have some entertaining photos to post after the Scavenger hunt anyways, so don't worry.

It will be worth it, trust me.
- Traegorn

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