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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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'Professional' doesn't equal good, and other such interesting facts...
Posted Apr 25, 2004 - 15:53:27

Okay, so maybe that's a misleading title, but I really don't care. My title is a reaction to Brian's defense of the article I was mentioning yesterday. He's come under a heck of a lot of fire because of it, and I do feel bad for him.

But I still don't like the article.

To quote Brian's e-mail out to the group: However, I will vouch til I am blue in the face for the article's quality, as it is the only one I have seen as Editor in Chief that I see no way to improve through editing. There is a reason the essay's submitter is a professional writer, but I encourage anyone who doesn't think so to try their hand at editing it. Brian, if you're reading this, I'm sorry but 'professional' doesn't equal 'good'. Rush Limbaugh writes professionally, and his stuff is utter garbage. As for whether or not it could be edited... geh. An article can have wonderful language and still be a bad article. There are, at times, where the content of an article just isn't that good, regardless of the quality of the technical aspects.

And you can't "edit" that, because then you're just rewriting.

But you know what? Brian is right, it is his job to decide things based on the quality of the article. And he's a good editor. But frankly, in this particular situation, I think he's wrong.

Ah well, it's really not that big of a deal. I think that the biggest problem everyone has had in this is exactly how seriously they're taking the situation. Guys, it's just a lousy article about cunnilingus that someone wants put in a student newsmagazine with a readership of a couple thousand. This isn't life or death, and this is definitely not worth losing any sleep over.


Ah well, yesterday was kind of uneventful. I went to go study for my Pols 122 midterm at about 6pm. I got to Davies where I met up with Erika (who is in the same class as me), and her friend Ann was there as well. I hadn't sat down for more than five minutes when the fire alarm went off at Davies center, forcing us out of the building. We decided to try and study over at El Patio, but just ended up talking about random stuff while we were there. At about 9pm we gave up, and I headed back up the hill.

I've been feeling a little sick, so I finished off the night buried in an Orson Scott Card book, and just relaxed. I probably went to sleep at about 3am though, as I pretty much just couldn't put the book down.

We're going to try and actually study tonight, and hopefully this time we'll actually be productive. But who knows. With my luck, we'll end up talking about something wholey unimportant and get absolutely nothing useful done.

I have no news articles for you guys today, and I aven't found anything interesting yet. I'm sure I will later today, but those will just get tossed onto tomorrow's update.

Ah well, I'm going to go shower, get dressed, and probably grab something to eat. Birdman out.
- Traegorn

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