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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Sometimes You Just Want To Shake Your Head At The World.
Posted Apr 24, 2004 - 13:07:32

As some of you know, as of this last week I have gotten myself a little more officially involved in the Flipside (my University's alternative news magazine). This means I've mostly just gotten myself onto the staff mailing list. Nothing really all that spectacular, really. I mention this merely because of a little bit of drama that's played itself out over the list in the past week.

See, Brian (everone's favorite Editor) wants to publish a story which is a humor piece on cunnilingus, and the author's difficulty with it (I'd reproduce it, but as it is someone else's piece and I wouldn't know who to ask for permission to publish it, I can't). This generated quite a bit of outrage from some of the other Flipside staffers, some of whom were declaring the article "sexist". Now I have read the article myself, and this accusation honestly confuses me. Of course, what confuses me more is why Brian thinks it's such a "great" article too. Rather than come up with something new, I think I'll just repost what I sent to the rest of the Flipside people:

...First off, I don't see the sexism. In fact, if someone wants to sit down with me, and break down *why* this is sexist, I'd love to hear it. I want a point by point breakdown as to what makes this article sexist, and I want bulletpoints so someone as simple as me can understand.

Because right now the only reason I can think anyone would think this is sexist is if they just had a knee jerk reaction to someone talking about eating out. Oooh, he's talking about oral sex and he's a man - it must be sexist, ooooh. Give me a break.

That said, I still don't think that it should be printed in the Flipside. Why? Because, frankly, I don't think it was that *good*. I mean, "oooh, some guy talks about it's hard to go down on someone". I'm sorry, but that's about as creative as me saying "I should creat a mouse character with huge circular ears and red shorts". This is not an original idea, nor does it present it in an interesting way.

I'm all for controversial, and admittedly this is that. But I'm much more in favor of printing things that are, I don't know, *interesting to read*, which this surely isn't.

Yeah. So, needless to say, I wasn't a fan of the article. Not because it was "sexist" (which it wasn't), but because it was just... not all that good.


Last night Otaku Anonymous was mostly fun. Watched episode three of Midori no Hibi - which I like to call "My Girlfriend the Hand", which is really the best way to sum up that bizarre series, along with episode 28 of Full Metal Alchemist. I love Full Metal Alchemist, I really do. This is a series that I will purchase in a second once it comes out in the United States We also watched's Maze Dub, which is really one of the funniest things that you'll watch in a long time. Most of the night though was spent watching the Read or Die TV series, which is very good. Right now we're about 2/3 through the series. Of course, I also think Leah has given me her cold, so maybe not everything last night was so great. (Kidding)

In other news, you might have noticed that the poll has changed. I'll be changing the poll once a week, so go vote kids. It's good for you.

Also, I did want to mention an interesting news story I ran across. Apparently one of SCO's biggest investors admits that they want SCO to focus purely on litigation for their current business...

...yeah, I kind of did a double take at that too. Apparently, Baystar Capital loaned SCO 20 million dollars, but then called it back right away. According to the article, they did it to get the attention of the management. They think that SCO isn't focusing enough on frivolously suing the crap out of people.

I think I'm going to cry now. To make myself feel better, I think I'm going to just stare at this auction for a while.

Ah well, I think I want to go get some food, as I have yet to eat today. Birdman out.
- Traegorn

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